Desk space featuring laptop and coffee cup on top of a pile of papers. Photo.

Being that March 2020 has been a shit show, it’s not surprising that I didn’t spend a lot of time reading sex-positive content. However, I do have a few posts that I wanted to share, because sex bloggers are really resilient and have still created some sexy shit that definitely deserves a shout out.Read More →

An efab person lies on their back on red bedsheets, raspberries on their nipples. Photo.

“Often, we melt into our ecstasies as though they were jams, as though we were sinking into syrupy bowls of gooseberries, of raspberries, of bilberries.” ~ Violette LeducRead More →

Afab person in blue starry knickers wearing a black strap-on harness with a large blue-green dildo in it. Photo.

Wearing a strap-on can be gender affirming and make me feel powerful and sexy… but it can also just about having fun in starry knickers. The last few weeks have been super hard, but they’veĀ also involved some dancing around my flat, wiggling my dick and giggling.Read More →

Naked man with hairy legs sits on floor with laptop between legs covering his junk. Photo.

Inspired by a dream where a friend caught me wanking over his smut, I knew exactly what I was going to write today. Specifically, filth about a bisexual pretty boy, their genderqueer boyfriend, and a punky queer girl having a late night sofa fuck. Can you tell that the idea of a dominant pushing my face into someone’s cunt is very hot to me right now?Read More →

View of a locker room shower. Photo.

This filth is inspired by Molly Moore’s compliance-kink-meets-honour-bondage smut. I’ve been trying to write this story, or one like it, for a while, but today I managed to push past my fear that it would be unrealistic and just make it as hot as possible. It’s a filthy locker room fuck, yes, but it’s more than that: it’s an endurance challenge, an initiation by gang-bang.Read More →

Bonus sexy things alert

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