Naked chest of someone holding a handful of come out towards the camera. Photo.

Fucking with lube is brilliant. Wanking with lube is brilliant. Lube is brilliant, and should be used in generous helpings whenever needed. Lube is important, but fucking without lube can be a hot idea. And after all, you don’t have to worry about making sure that your sub is lubed up for fucking when their slutty little hole is already full of come.Read More →

Hands unzipping the fly on their partner's blue jeans. Photo.

My desire for blow jobs in bathrooms has not faded so I’m back with more filth about sucking dick. Sucking dick, of course, isn’t inherently submissive, but I often write it that way in my erotica. Throat fucking is hot, but so is having someone fuck your dick with their mouth. So here is a dominant enby showing a subby cis guy how they can top him while on their knees.Read More →

Coloured beads spell out 'lets talk sex'. Photo.

Valentine’s day is a Big Deal for sex writers and sex bloggers, but I traditionally celebrate a different significant day on 14th February. I know I still have a lot to learn – about myself and about sex – and I know half the things I want from sex and relationships right now will undoubtedly change, but I am proud of what I have learned about sex so far. So today I’m (consensually!) stealing an idea from my birthday twin, Kelvin Sparks, and sharing 21 things I learned about sex at 21.Read More →

A hand is clenched around blue silk sheets in orgasm. Photo.

January was a long month, but the week when I wasn’t allowed to come before I went to see my enboifriend was perhaps the longest. I’m an orgasm hungry slut, but one who is really into orgasm control. Allowing them to deny me in the seven days leading up to see them is the closest I’ve come to playing with a 24/7 D/s dynamic: it was a week long orgasm denial scene and it was incredibly hot.Read More →

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