When I start thinking about them, my chest gets tight and my eyes start smarting. It hurts, and I can’t get away from that pain yet. It’s too raw, too all-consuming. I try not to think about them, because thinking about them feels like someone’s ripping my heart out through my throat. You know when it’s hard to think about your broken heart? When you’ve stuck a massive chunk of silicone in your arse and are trying to work out if it feels good. (Spoiler: it does.) Enter the Hot Octopuss PleX with flex, a vibrating butt plug.Read More →

I want to fuck Tony Stark. The first time I can remember being turned on in public – or at least, what I imagine was arousal even though I didn’t understand what my body was doing at the time – was watching The Avengers in the cinema. It was 2014 and at fourteen I didn’t understand why I was so into the scene where Iron Man and Captain America faced off. I couldn’t explain why the tension between them in that moment was so hot. Now, however, I can articulate why two incredibly powerful (to say nothing of hot) men verbally sparring plays turns meRead More →