Shot of the interior of the Vagina Museum. Photo.

I never wish I lived in (or closer to) London more than when there are brilliant sex positive events happening that I can’t make it to – like the opening of the Vagina Museum tomorrow! Its first exhibition opens to the public this weekend and I’d love to be joining my sex blogging friends there tomorrow.Read More →

Two fingers in a grapefruit isolated on a blue background. Photo

I’m so behind right now – not only with my blogging (I have so many filthy and feminist-y things to share with y’all), but with life admin, self-care, household tasks, and my uni work. This has been written while I hide in blankets and ignore the fact that I probably need to be focussing on so-called “more important” things. Because after all, it’s important to tell you about my first finger fucking.Read More →

Vagina symbol. Two fingers on chocolate orange on red background. Photo.

I love talking about sex. I want to dissect the ways I say ‘I love you’ and make sure I know my partners’ verbal limits inside out so we can explore humiliation play. Luckily* I’m dating a sex nerd who is almost as into talking about sex and talking about how we talk about sex as I am. They understand that asking questions while you’re fucking can be really hot – and often leads to spectacular sex.Read More →

A hard dick is trapped against the body by a pair of black mesh boxers. Photo.

Writing this one was all come, sweat and tears – it took me forever to finish, but I think it’s worth the struggle. I want to present some femdom filth, again on the theme of fucking in bathrooms. And inspired the fact that I’m very much in the mood to make blushing humans with dicks do dirty things for my perverted pleasure.Read More →

A black and white image of a girl in boxers sticking her middle finger up to the camera. Photo.

Earlier this week, UK-based sex toy brand Hot Octopuss launched their new anti-sex stigma campaign – Show Stigma the Finger. There is still so much taboo around sex and sexuality, and Hot Octopuss are doing some fabulous work to combat those stigmas and stereotypes. Today I’m joining in with their Show Stigma the Finger campaign, and am not-so-nicely telling heteronormativity to fuck off.Read More →

Bonus sexy things alert

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