Little whispers

Life may not really be going as planned right now, but I’m really excited to share today’s post. This story was inspired by the fabulous Lessons in Kate‘ story, Girls, and I thoroughly advise you to go and check out her story.

They see me squirm as I watch. They whisper to each other, plotting and planning. They’re leaving me out of their secret, but I know what that means. They giggle, and I realise that I’m scared of what these cruel, pretty girls want to do to me. I know I will let them, though.

Go into the bathroom, they whisper, and take off your panties for us.

Heart beating quickly, I obey. I wonder if my arousal will drip down my legs as I return to my seat, but they don’t give me a chance to see. They’re there when I leave the cubicle, a hand held out to take my knickers from me. I surrender them without a word.

Good girl, they whisper.

Red lipstick kisses, leaving smudges on my cheeks. My cheeks that are already flushed, shame giving them a rosy glow. The same rosy glow as my arse cheeks, because the girls either side of me take great delight in lifting up the back of my dress to spank me.

Pretty girl, they whisper.

They invite other girls to come and play with me too. To reach up between my legs and grin gleefully when their fingers find my wetness. The girls push their wet fingers into my mouth and make me taste my own arousal. They laugh at me as I greedily suck them clean.

Filthy girl, they whisper.

Shiny polished nails, giving sharp pinches that make me yelp. Little rubs on my clit to make me whimper and beg for more, then hear their mocking laughter as they say no. One of them is wearing pearls, and she takes them off and they push them into my wet cunt. I squirm and close my eyes, no longer able to watch myself in the mirror as they tease me.

You like this, they whisper, don’t you?

Yes. I really do.

Image sourced through Pixabay.

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