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Unless you’ve been living under a pile of dildos these last few weeks, you’ll probably have heard talk of the pornocalypse, or seen the hashtags #SoSS (or maybe #SSoS) floating around. Stemming from a post by Girl on the Net, ErosBlog proposed Share Our Shit Saturday to encourage sex bloggers to promote each other’s work. This week I’m joining in too, though as with every sex blogger meme, I’m not quite sure if I’m doing it right. It has been a fairly rubbish week for me, mental-health wise, so I’m sharing four things that made me smile and made my week a little bit better.

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Cara Thereon – The Task of Tasks

Cara’s writing is fantastic, and I loved waking up to her new posts almost every day of November while she was working on her NaNoWriMo challenge. I especially liked the posts she wrote for week five, when she focused on tasks and gave us a delightful insight into her life and her thoughts. This one in particular is so sweet and powerful, and the dynamic it portrays is so enticing that I’ve gone back to read it several times.

The Dildorks – Episode 40: Daddy’s Day

I’ve listened to all sixty-four episodes of the Dildorks podcast this week, because aside from having the most awesome and adorable name it’s just really good. This one stands out in particular, however, because it made me start exploring the possibility of me having a little bit of a Daddy kink. It is always fun to be confronted with new kink potential, and the episode also includes a story about a clown dentist. (No, seriously.)

Exhibit A – December Dick Fest!

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it this week, but who wouldn’t want to count down to Christmas with a phallic advent calendar? There are some spectacular penis photos on display, and sixteen more to go before we get to Christmas, so if that’s your thing, go check out the festive filth.

Hannah Likes Dirty Words – Girls

It has been a week or two since Hannah published this post, but I keep going back to reread it again and again. It is a delicious read, and never fails to give me a pleasant tingle of arousal. It has inspired me to write things as well as playing a key role in my fantasies recently, so please go and read it and shower Hannah in the love she deserves.

Dictating December
All wrapped up for Christmas

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