The dress rehearsal for getting fucked in the ass

I had already planned and started writing this post when I realised it would fit rather well with the current Kink of the Week prompt. I’m very sad that I didn’t get to cook a meal while wearing a butt plug at the weekend, but that will remain on my list of sexual goals.

Even though this was only the dress rehearsal, I was nervous.

We’d been preparing for this since the start of the year. My usual bedtime spanking has been replaced by lubed fingers pressing against my tight ring of tender flesh and pushing inside. When I’d complained that I missed the spanking, I found myself over her knee, but instead of her fingers dipping into my wet cunt between strokes, they instead teased my asshole while I moaned and squirmed.

You see, on New Year’s Day we’d lain in bed together, sleepily recovering from the night before and arguing over whether the ceilidh or the sex had been more exhausting and who should get up to put the kettle on. When her phone had buzzed with a Twitter notification, she grinned at the screen and told me to be a good girl and make us tea. I did as I was told, and when I joined her in our duvet nest once again I found that she’d grabbed her laptop with our BDSM checklist on it. Together, we made a 2018 Fuck-it List.

At the top of that list was anal play, something we hadn’t really explored together. It’s not that I was regretting this, exactly, but I was apprehensive about the game that was to follow.

The training she’d devised for me also includes our new butt plugs. She takes pleasure in whispering filthy words into my ear as she pushed the plugs into me. I find that my orgasms are enhanced when there is something in my arse, and she delights in seeing how long she can hold me on the edge – plug in my arse, vibrator on my clit and her fingers in my cunt – until she gives me permission to come.

She hasn’t yet fucked my arse with her strap-on, or slowly pushed one of my dildos inside me. There are times when I’ve begged her to do so, but ever since she oh-so-innocently suggested it as one of our sex goals for the year she’s had bigger plans. I wanted to feel stretched and used by her, and tonight I was going to get my wish… if I was a good girl.

The tingle of excitement had been growing between my legs since I had lifted my skirt to show her my knicker-less arse and bare cunt. She’d given me a swat with the book she was holding, and her approval to go shopping. It had felt strange to be so exposed while going about a such a mundane task, but her filthy words rang in my head and I became more and more aroused. When she’d lifted my skirt when I got home, she actually got down on her knees to lick my juices from my thighs.

Which brings us to now, when we’re dressing for the dress rehearsal. Or rather, she’s undressing me. Her hands run over my curves and her teeth bite at my tender flesh. She pushes me back onto the bed, and I squirm as she nips kisses down between my breasts and over my stomach. A quick swipe of her tongue down my labia, and I’m being told to turn over. I take a deep breath.

I wriggle as she spreads my cheeks, and she reprimands me with a sharp smack. After a month or so of working up to it, it feels natural and exciting for the lubed-up plug to slip inside me. She nudges the plug, making me clench around it, and even though I can’t see her I know she’s smirking.

It’s the cute pink plug she’s put in me; the one I love because it makes me feel innocent yet so very filthy all at once. I feel her gaze on me as I walk down the stairs ahead of her, and so put an extra sway into my hips. It’s far from the first time I’ve been naked in our kitchen, but there’s something a little unsettling about being stripped and plugged while she’s still fully clothed. I feel shame creeping across my cheeks in a blush, especially when she slaps my arse and slips into her usual seat at the kitchen table.

I’ve never cooked when naked before. I seem to be hyper aware of how my-body moves and even completing the simplest tasks of reaching down to find the big wok or up to get down the chopping board make me feel exposed. I add a splash of oil to the wok and begin slicing an onion, fighting every instinct to cover myself up. I sneak a glance over my shoulder as I am grabbing the peppers from the fridge, and for a second feel relief as I realise her attention isn’t on me at all, but on her laptop.

Then something changes, and instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed I want her to be looking at me. I didn’t want her to be working away on her laptop, I wanted her to be watching her girl as I cooked for her. Why had she dressed her toy up so prettily if she wasn’t going to watch? Feeling small and sad, I returned to my task. I wanted her to admire me, to tell me what a pretty little girl I am.

Wanting her attention so desperately, I decide I need to take action. It only takes a few swipes to connect her phone – left on the counter earlier, and her passcode is my birthday – to the little speaker and press place on our sexy playlist. The plug shifts inside me as I begin to dance. I don’t turn around to see if she’s looked up, instead concentrating on adding the quorn chicken to the pan. I stir-fry, add spices and make sauce, and subtly check on my next spin. She’s watching me, with a hungry look on her face that cannot be just for the dinner I’m cooking.

I smile to myself, feeling pretty but used with the plug in, and excited about what is to come. I grate cheese, and spoon the filling into the warmed tortillas cases. When I stand up from putting the baking dish into the oven, she’s behind me. She nudges the plug with her fingers making me squirm, and gently cups my boobs.

“So pretty…” she murmurs, kissing my neck as I melt into her.

She pushes me against the counter and turns me round, kneeling down so she can bury her face in my wet folds. Her brilliant timing means I’m coming just as the timer beeps. While I lean back, panting, she removes the dish from the oven. Reminded of my duties with a stern look, I find plates and pour wine.

Did you know that even after an orgasm, it is very easy to become aroused and squirmy again when you’re wearing a butt plug and your girlfriend is grinning at you with your juices on her face? Sitting on a hard seat with the plug in wasn’t comfortable, and she took her time over the delicious meal I had created. I barely tasted it though, focussed on her little moans and orgasmic noises of delight as she ate.

Desert though? I savoured that, on my knees and sucking her silicon cock to lube it up. And then I’m being bent over the kitchen table, with her whispering that I should relax as she prepares to fuck me. She replaces the little pink plug with something much bigger. It stretches me and fills me. I moan as she buries herself in me, right to the hilt of her dildo. I feel so filthy, yet with her telling me what a good girl I am, I cannot do anything but offer up my arse; submitting and smiling.

And why was this the dress rehearsal? Well, next week we’re hosting a dinner party. Would anyone like an invitation?

Kiss the lips to see who else is being kinky… 

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