Oh What a Beautiful Morning

This is my first ever guest post, kindly contributed by my very own Scottish boy. He is a wonderful and very kinky friend, and I was so excited when he asked if he could contribute something to my blog. He’s captured one of our favourite fantasies, and I hope you find it as hot as I do…

I ease myself awake in Quinn’s bed by allowing the memories of last night to drift through my mind. We’d fucked each other into an exhausted stupor, a fuck coma if you will, till utterly spent we’d drifted of into sleep together. As is customary in such an event I carefully roll over and shimmy back into Quinn’s body, electing this morning to be the little spoon. My bottom just reaches her when I start and then pause at a sudden hardness. Could it be? I tentatively push my hips back and again the solid object is prodding at my exploratory buttocks. Maybe it is. My stomach starts to flutter with excitement. I reach a hand round behind me and lay each finger delicately on the object of my intrigue. Cosy pyjama bottom fabric, warmth and a solid mass are the first things my senses tell me. I trace the shape for around six inches until it disappears. In its place there is an even warmer, loose and soft shape, draped down the top of Quinn’s thigh. I smile with giddy delight. It is. Quinn has a cock today.

Quinn’s cock sleepily rubs along my hand and without further need for encouragement I push my arse back into Quinn’s morning erection and grind against her. Her movements are sluggish and minimal at first but with my encouragement they become stronger and increasingly deliberate. I feel her arm wrap round me and pull me tighter against her body, her soft breasts pressed into my naked back.  I moan softly and she responds similarly. Then she stops, as she always does on mornings like this. Consciousness hits her and the alien feeling between her legs is questioned and frightening. I lean back into her and squeeze her hand to show she’s not dreaming and the sensations are real. There’s a pause as she’s works through everything with sleep-addled brain.  Suddenly I’m gripped tightly and my arse is humped with the ferocity appropriate of one who’s just discovered the sensations of having a cock.

Before long pyjama bottoms are pulled down and hard cocks are being directly stimulated under the duvet. Quinn’s cock is frantically grinding against my arse whilst with my free hand I stroke my own morning erection aware that it will be largely forgotten about today.

I flip over to kiss Quinn’s soft lips and melt into her, amused by her hips still uncontrollably humping at me. She moans softly as I let my kisses drift down her body working down her neck, across her collar bone, linger a while at her gorgeous breasts circling her nipples with my tongue, over her stomach, and entice her writhing hips. Finally I take the soft head of her cock into my mouth and smile around it at the salty taste of precome. With my tongue I flick the underside of the head of her cock. She whines and weaves her fingers through my hair.


A strangled splutter as Quinn grabs my hair and rams the full length of her cock down my throat. I cough and gag slightly but take it all obediently. She fucks my mouth mercilessly hard with my cock-stifled gags only making her fuck harder. I know in her head she’s calling me a “good pretty boy.”

I look up at my mistress. Her eyes are closed and her face is screwed up in pleasure. She opens her eyes sleepily and beams at the sight of her pretty boy looking up at her with her whole cock thrusting in and out of his mouth. I’m definitely a good pretty boy.

The thrusting becomes more frantic and her body begins to tremble with tension. I ready myself and move my mouth with her thrusts. With each new increasingly desperate thrust I push my head forward to take as much of her as possible. She moans loudly. I move harder. Her hips begin to shake. I grab her by the arse and push her as deep into me as she can possibly go.


Hot semen floods my mouth with a salty rich bitterness and some of her usual fragrant sweetness. I gulp it all down hungrily. Her cock is still pulsing in my mouth so I lick round the head, again focussing on the tight stretch of skin on the underside. She moans and bucks wildly, but I still have my hands firmly gripping her in place by the arse and make her take the pleasure. She doesn’t object.

Finished my task Quinn pulls me back up and kisses me deeply. Her tongue drives into my mouth eager as always to taste her own juices, seeking out any lingering tastes. Yet I can feel her slipping away into sleep again, unused to the refractory period. I kiss her gently once more on the lips and roll back over to be a little spoon again taking her arm over and round me like comforting blanket. Nestling into her body I feel her still wet cock shrinking down against my arse, drawing a wet trail across my buttocks as it does so. Her breath grows gentler and I smile to myself. Cock days are good days.

Image sourced through Pixabay.

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