Today’s erotica is also dedicated to a pretty girl I have a crush on. I’m not sure what the setting is for this story: I think I’m imagining the type of boarding school scene that used to fill my imagination and make me squirm before I realised that what I was experiencing was arousal – though obviously all the characters are well above the age of consent.

The big girls are there when I walk into the bathroom. They’re the older girls, who enjoy asserting their power and see it as their right to tease and torment the younger girls, especially one like me who is such filthy little slut. They are mean to me in delicious ways that make me squirm and make my clit throb. I’m a tiny bit scared of them, how gorgeous they are in their pretty lingerie and stylish clothes. They are so experienced and powerful and they can make me feel such wonderful things.

I keep my head down as I walk past, and even I’m unsure if the little glances I make at them are filled with prayers that they won’t notice me, or hope that they will. Either way, they do. They stop me, and even as my arms cross protectively over my too-tight top, one of them twitches my too-short skirt up.

“Our stupid slut is learning,” she announces, “she’s not wearing panties.”

I blush. I’ve learned what happens if they catch me wearing knickers, especially if those knickers are wet. “You’d only make a mess of them,” I was told day after day, and they’d laugh as they snatched away my knickers and spanked my cunt for being so stupid. When I did wear them – still not learning – and make a mess of them, they’d mock me: is that really all it takes to get you wet, little slut? The panties would end up pushed into my mouth to stifle they squeals I gave out as they tweaked my nipples.

I also know that if I wear stockings they will strip them off me and use them to tie my hands behind me or above me. After all the times I’ve been tied up or told to sit still and watch while they played with each other and had wonderful orgasms, I know not to give them anything that will put me more at their mercy. They laugh at how turned on I am, and afterwards push my face into the sheets to clean up the mess I’ve made while fidgeting and wishing I could touch myself.

I’m reminded where I am by one of the big girls reaching in and pinching my bottom. I give a soft yelp, and twist away from the girl who’s still holding my skirt up. They grin, and I shiver in anticipation. What are they going to do to me? I can feel myself starting to get turned on and flush deeper, knowing they’ll be able to see my cunt getting wet. I shift, the bathroom tiles cool under my bare feet, while they discuss what game they want to play with their toy.

“Shall we bend her over the sinks and spank her until her arse is red and there is wetness running down her legs? She makes such delightful sounds.”

I bite my lip, trying not to let on how much I’d like that, even though I know it will end with the three of them standing there, laughing at how wet I am and refusing to touch my cunt no matter how much I begged them.

“Or we could fuck her with the handle of her toothbrush,” another suggested. “Remember when she rode a be-condomed hairbrush handle and we took it away just before she came? She almost cried with frustration.”

I make a small muffled noise of arousal, and one of the girls – the one wrapped in a towel, with hair still dripping from her shower – steps behind me and pulls down my top and bra down to expose my nipples. They tingle in the steamy air of the bathroom, and begin to harden as she rolls them between her fingers.

“Weren’t you two going to shower?” she asks the others, “Why don’t you take this filthy slut with you?”

The girls in front of me exchange gleeful grins. I wiggle, pressing back into the girl behind me, and she obliges me by squeezing my nipples harder and making me gasp. She holds me still with one hand, and slips the other under my skirt to gently run along the folds of my cunt.

“Our little slut likes that idea,” she tells the others, while bringing a finger wet with my arousal up to my lips. I suck obediently. “She’s so eager too. Want to see? I’m going to dry my hair.”

She pushes me towards them, not roughly, but enough so I stumble into their arms and their hands grab at me to keep me upright. They tell me that I’m stupid, clumsy girl, and – when they reach under my skirt to skim over my clit and dip their fingers into my cunt – that I’m a disgustingly filthy little slut. They pull off my clothes, grabbing and pinching and slapping the flesh that is exposed as I am stripped.

Then I’m shoved towards one of the shower stalls, and given a sharp smack on my arse to hurry me along, of course. They push me until I’m pressed against the wall under the shower head, where I shiver as my back hits the cold tiles. One of them steps close, her hands squeezing my hips, and she leans in as though she’s going to kiss me. I close my eyes and bend forward a little, but instead of feeling her soft lips meeting mine there’s a stream of near-scalding water.

I squeal, she giggles, and as I shake my wet hair out of my eyes I see that she’s grabbed the other girl and they’re kissing deeply. I stand there, trapped under the hot water by their bodies, unable to escape from the erotic sight in front of me. I’m not brave enough to let my fingers stray to my cunt, though: that’s a mistake I’ve made before and felt the consequences of days later sometimes.

Just as I’m beginning to think they’ve forgotten about me, they break apart and turn to me with evil grins. One of them steps closer and scrapes her nails down my sides, making me wriggle at the half-arousing, half-tickling sensations. She grabs my wrists and pins them above my head, while the other girl unhooked the shower head from the wall. Suddenly there isn’t too-hot water pouring down my face, but there is a powerful jet of water squirting into my cunt.

I let out a gasp that is half giggle and half silent scream, and writhe as the stream of water is directed against my clit. Lips suck at my neck and fingers twist my nipples. Such a wet, filthy mess, they whisper to me, only really bad girls would love this so much. I am scarlet with shame, but I’m also smiling as they make me squirm in the shower.

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