Blogger positivity: mirror images

This the third week in a row when I’ve managed to post something for Share Our Shit Saturday (hello insomnia, my dear friend) and once again I’ve chosen a specific theme. Today I’m sharing posts that go in pairs, because they always make me smile when I stumble upon them.

Titles are links, so please click away!

The Other Livvy – Passenger; Exhibit A – Passenger (reprise)

As I said almost a week ago, when I was first shown these photos, I have some feelings about these. By feelings, of course, I meant not only arousal (though I’m not denying that there was arousal) but also admiration for how bold they were to do public sex-fabulous-ness on a tube, and for how good both photos are.

Mollys Daily Kiss – I can see clearly now; Michael Knight – Double take

Instead of a deliberate attempt to recreate a photo, this is an example of two people writing about the same adventure from two different points of view. Both pieces are super hot, and I love the insight into both sides of the same scene. (I have also just noticed that both posts have different photos accompanying them, which proves how much more powerful I find words.)

Kayla Lords – Fall into My UniverseJohn Brownstone – Her Universe

Throughout February Photofest, these two did a fabulous series of ‘My Perspective’ posts, capturing or exploring the same idea from two different angles. This one is definitely my favourite, because it proves that one really should spend more time lying in bed reading while wearing sexy panties. (I also really want those awesome universe knickers…)

A night of high-class humiliation
Fucked on a pub table

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