Review: Vibe Me Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Today I am super excited to be sharing my first sex toy review! Too Timid’s website says that one of their aims is to¬†“provide sexual education, quality products, and helpful customer service in a safe and judgement-free space while maintaining your privacy”, and I was really looking forward to trying out the wireless vibrating nipple clamps they had sent me to review.

Initial thoughts…

Too Timid certainly made good on their promise to provide discrete shipping – which I certainly appreciated as I ended up collecting the package from the sorting office. The box the toy came in was funky and colourful, with some useful statistics like measurements and materials listed on the back, as well as ‘buzz words’ like¬†waterproof,¬†hands-free, and¬†easy to use. The clamps were packaged securely in a plastic container, reducing the risk of them rattling around or being damaged during shipping. The clamps come with the batteries they require included, with a plastic ‘insulator’ in place to stop the toys turning on. This plastic was easy to see, and thus it was clear that it needed to be removed before the vibrations would work.

Looking closer…

The Vibe Me Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps are made up of a removable bullet in a stretchy silicone sleeve.¬†The removable bullets are made of ABS plastic, making them smooth, and although there is only one vibration-intensity setting, they are surprisingly powerful for such a small vibrator. This means it may not be the toy for you if you don’t like intense vibrations on your nipples, but the removable vibrators can be used anywhere on your body.

Each bullet-vibe requires three LR44 watch batteries to operate, which happily come included with the toy. The vibrations are turned on by pressing a small button at the ‘bottom’ of the vibrator, and there is a hole in the silicone sleeve so they can be switched on when the bullet is inside its sleeve.¬†The silicone sleeve was also much stretchier than I was expecting, making it easy to remove and re-insert the vibrators.

The sleek black-and-silver design of the toy suggests – to me at least – a powerful functionality and practicality of use, that in my opinion it certainly delivers on.¬†Each clamp has a length of 3″ and diameter of 0.8″, and the product description says they are fully waterproof so they can be used for play in the bath or shower. (I’m planning to try this out later today!)

In use…

I’ve mentioned before that while I love nipple play, I haven’t always had the best experience with using nipple clamps. The design of these clamp, with the soft silicone slit that can stretch around your nipple, made me optimistic that these would stay on my un-sticky-out-y nipples. While these clamps certainly worked better for me than others I have tried, I still found it difficult to get them to stay on. I still had a lot of fun playing with them though. They were very buzzy, and the whole process of pinching and squeezing my nipples to help the clamps fit on, and then the intense vibrations of the clamps when I succeeded in getting them to stay on, left my nipples feeling sore and tender in a wonderful way.

While I’m sure I could explain the science behind it, all I’ll say is that the design of the nipple clamps means that the vibrations are most intense in the bit which actually goes on your nipple. However, it took me a while to work out that you could set the vibrations to a constant on setting instead of having to press and hold the button when I wanted the clamp to vibrate.¬†¬†Maybe I should have had a little patience and played with the toy more before I put it on my nipples, but¬†the silicone sleeve surrounding the on-off button on the bullet vibe makes it harder to push it enough to turn on the vibrations. Once I’d worked this out, the clamps actually stayed on much more easily, because I wasn’t trying to touch them and make their grip on my nipples more precarious.

Care and cleaning…

As the toys are waterproof, it‚Äôs totally fine to submerge them to clean them. As both ABS and silicone are non-porous, the clamps shouldn‚Äôt harbour bacteria as long as they‚Äôre cleaned correctly ‚Äď and cleaning can be as easy as wiping carefully with a warm wet cloth and some mild soap. However, you do need to remember not to use any silicone-based lubes when playing with this toy!

Overall impression…

As I try to approach any kind of sex – from solo masturbation to playing with partners – as being about the journey rather than the destination, despite a few bumps I had a lot of fun playing with the¬†Vibe Me Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who likes intense vibrations on their nipples and who would like to try wireless vibrating clamps to allow them to experience multiple stimuli at once.

Thank you to for sending me these toys for review! The Too Timid links in this post are affiliate links and if you buy from them, I make a small commission. All opinions are, as ever, my own. All images are taken and owned by me, and may not to be reproduced without permission.

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