Blogger positivity: different kinds of love

I seem to be on a roll with my #SoSS posts right now, which is good because there are so many wonderful bloggers whose work deserves to be shared. This week for Share our Shit Saturday, I’m promoting four posts that show different kinds of love… by my definitions of self-love and love in kinky relationships, and just posts that make meĀ happy.

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Bex Talks Sex – Why I Love Conference Protocol and What To Consider When Creating Your Own

Bex is brilliant, and I love this post, which explores ways to stay connected with your dominant during a busy period and talks about the importance of talking and considering not only time but energy in setting protocols. He also shares 25 conference protocol suggestions, and there are some I would really like to try.

Lessons in Kate – Geography

I was fortunate enough to hear Hannah Lockhardt read this gorgeous piece aloud at Eroticon two weeks ago. Listening to such a wonderful person read such a powerful piece of her writing was a very emotional experience, and you should all go and look at her beautiful words.

Cara Thereon – Bruise Me

I tweeted out a link to this last week with a simple question: is this post really hot or just utterly adorable? Cara’s posts about her relationship with Michael are very sweet, and this one talks about how love can be shown in many ways, including beating someone until they bruise.

Coffee & Kink – Take It For Me

This post is utterly fabulous: Amy’s writing pushes so many of my buttons and leaves me squirming. As well as being super hot, it makes me smile, because it combines so many of the things I’ve been exploring about my own kinky identity inĀ turns-me-on-so-fucking-much way.

Playing a game of denial
Fishnets can get in the way of fucking

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