Fishnets can get in the way of fucking

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but on Saturday night of Eroticon I wore fishnets for the first time in years. I felt sexy as hell, and since none of the hot fishnet fantasies filling my head actually occurred, I thought I would share them for the current Kink of the Week topic…

We fall into bed together, a giggling mess.

We’re tipsy, or maybe even drunk, despite the sobering effects of the chilly walk home. We kick off heels and shrug off jackets, giggling and kissing. Zoe tries to unzip her jeans, but instead of gracefully wiggling out of them she over balances, clutching me for support. This is a mistake, because my balance deserted me a long time ago, and we end up landing in a half-dressed heap on the bed.

“At least we made it to the bed,” Cara remarks, when we’ve stopped laughing for long enough to catch our breath. “And now we can work out how we’re going to fuck our little slut.”

“Who, me?” I ask innocently, as she runs a single, teasing finger up my side and makes me squirm. I’m glad I managed to scramble out of my dress, because clad only in my bra and fishnets – no panties, little sluts have to earn their panties, Zoe says – plenty of my skin is exposed for them to play with.

Zoe pushes herself up so she has space to unlace her corset, but out legs are entwined and she pushes thigh against my cunt. I rut against it shamelessly, a fishnet link pressing against my clit in just the right place.

“She’s already so wet,” Zoe tells Cara. “I bet she was thinking about us fucking her the whole time we were dancing tonight.”

I blush and turn away from Zoe, but instead find myself nose-to-nose with Cara. She kisses my nose playfully.

“Such a little slut,” she says fondly, “especially in those fishnet tights. I’m pretty sure she’d have let us finger-fuck her right there in the club. She’d have melted into us and let us rip those tights and fuck her. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’d have let anyone fuck her…”

She reaches out and begins to twist my nipple until I squeak. Zoe flings her corset away and flops down beside me again, her arms slinking around my waist and her fingers linking with Cara’s.

“She is a shameless slut, isn’t she? Just begging to be fucked in those tights… She was telling me about a blog post she read that featured fishnets and anal sex. Maybe we should fuck her cute little arse.” Zoe bites my neck to finish her point, and I moan.

“I’m sure she’d love that. We pin her down and rip those tights – no point in taking them off, she’s just a toy to fuck. You open her up with your fingers and lube, and I could put on my strap-on and fuck her tight hole.”

“Ooh, we could go one step further than that: do you think she could take two cocks at once?”

I whine and squirm between them, trying to turn and bury my burning face in the pillows. Cara catches my chin though, and looks me dead in the eye even though she’s clearly speaking to Zoe.

“Oh yes, I think our little slut would like that. Your dick in her cunt and mine in her ass. Fucking her hard, filling both of her slutty holes. She would be stretched open, taking both of us at once… do you think that would satisfy her? Maybe we should use the fishnets to tie her hands to the bed posts and her legs open, and invite everyone we know to come and fuck her. She’d like that, wouldn’t she? She’d like to be used as a toy and get no pleasure at all…”

I shake my head quickly, unsure if I love or hate the fantasies she is wearing, but Cara grabs my hair and pulls me close for a vicious kiss.

“Or maybe we should just use them to tie her up and leave her squirming and make her watch while we fuck each other?”

They laugh at my strangled moan of longing, but that laughter fades sleepily. It’s just possible that none of this fucking is going to happen tonight, and we’re all going to succumb to sleep before any of the filthy hotness happens…

When I wake up in the morning, I’m still wearing the fishnets.

Kiss the lips to see who else is getting their kink on…

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