Review: Pink B.O.B. Lust Silicone Wand

It’s taken me a while to get around to publishing this review, but I’ve had a lot of fun trying out the rechargeable wand from Pink B.O.B. that Too Timid sent me. And it’s important to test a sex toy out thoroughly before you review it, right..?

Initial thoughts…

Pink B.O.B. is a USA-based company, and I was really looking forward to reviewing their rechargeable body wand. It arrived in discrete packaging, which I removed to reveal a very attractive box containing the toy. The box promised “QUALITY, POWER, and PLEASURE” – so they definitely had my attention with the correct use of the Oxford comma! Inside the box, the toy was encased in simple plastic packaging and included a charging wire. The wire had a standard USB plug, so I could easily connect it to the charging-port I use to charge my phone. Slightly more challenging was working out where the charger went into the wand itself, but I eventually figured out that you had to just be confident enough to push the connector through the silicone seal into the bottom of the wand. (See the photo above!)

Looking closer…

The Lust Silicone Wand is – unsurprisingly – a silicone body massager. It is a gorgeous pink colour, and has an elegant quilted pattern in the silicone. The silicone is soft and firm, though the wand has a flexible neck allowing its head to circle, making it easier to apply pressure where you want it. The wand has a total length of 7.75″ and a diameter of 1.63″. The Pink B.O.B. is a rechargeable toy, so it’s not waterproof – however the silicone does make it easy to clean any fluids off (including period blood).

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a rechargeable wand, but after I worked out how to charge the toy it was very easy to use. I found that it charged much faster than I was expecting it too – which was good, because I can be impatient when I’m waiting to play with a new toy! It also maintained its charge for longer than I had anticipated, and certainly long enough for a full play session.

Personally, I’m not comfortable with the branding of the toy as a ‘Battery Operated Boyfriend’ – aside from other issues, it’s a wee bit too heteronormative for me. I do understand, however, that it could be potentially empowering for someone just out of a relationship and learning to take ownership of their own sexuality, or make it less scary for someone buying their first sex toy.

In use…

I love putting buzzy things on my clit, so my first instinct was to turn the wand on and press it into my vulva. The toy has an on-off button (nice and simple), a button to cycle through a series of speed of the vibrations (bzzz-bzzz-bzzz-bzzz-bzzzzzzzzzzz is my favourite) and one to change the speed of the vibrations. This is the one which confused me initially, as I had expected the wand to start on its lowest setting and then increase in intensity as you clicked the button – I was wrong. As far as I can tell, the vibrations start on their highest setting and then decrease… for eight clicks of the button, after which they begin to get stronger and faster again!

Once I’d figured this out, I was able to focus on finding the setting that worked best for me. I found that on its most powerful settings, the wand was very buzzy to the point where it felt numbing and painfully itchy. However, on its lower settings, the wand’s vibrations are rumblier and felt amazing. I was really surprised that the vibrations were contained so well within the head of the wand, rather than extending to its body as I’d been expecting.

I’ve talked before about how I struggle to orgasm because of anti-depressants, and I admit that I didn’t manage to make myself come while using the Lust Silicone Wand. However, I did manage to get myself very close. I really enjoyed using a wand that was so light – and not getting tangled up in wires while wanking was a definite plus! I couldn’t quite reach an orgasm, but I found that the wand is great for teasing and edging myself.

Care and cleaning…

As the toy isn’t waterproof, you have to be more careful when cleaning it as it cannot be submerged. My recommendation would be to sterilise the wand with a body-safe medical wipe.  The good thing is that silicone is non-porous, so the wand shouldn’t harbour bacteria as long as it’s cleaned correctly, and the shape of the wand makes it simple to clean well. It does mean that you can’t use  silicone-based lubes when playing with the wand, so you’ll need to make sure you have some water-based lube to hand.

Overall impression…

As I don’t look at sex from an orgasmic-centred perspective, the fact I didn’t come doesn’t in any way lessen my experience with the toy. Combined with a little water-based lube, I found the Lust Silicone Wand wonderful to use for long wanks, filled with fantasies, sexting sessions and audio porn. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone searching for a light, rechargeable wand, or someone who enjoys intense buzzy-ness and lots of different vibrating patterns.

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