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I’m back with another Share Our Shit Saturday post, and I’ve been thinking a lot about this one. Each of these posts is amazing, but each of them was for me hard to read. The powerful, well written words forced me to confront thoughts and feelings that I would rather lie unquestioned: they made me think, and I think that due to that they have helped me grow.

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Arousibility – My sexual needs, wants, and desires are secondary

I attended Miss Eve’s talk on sex work and disability at Eroticon, and have thought about that session more often than any other in the weeks that have passed since. This post is filled with their outrage and bafflement at how unprepared the NHS is to accept that a disabled twenty-four-year-old has a sex life, let alone offer them the support that might be needed.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – You, Me, Her

I love Molly’s writing, and when she’s writing about personal experiences it’s gritty and real in a way that makes me devour her words like I devour giant chocolate buttons when I’m depressed. This one is a post that includes the quote “from teen voyeur to cuckqueaning wife” and is – as you’d expect – a fascinating read.

Coffee & Kink – Medicated Against My Will – Abuse, Antidepressants and Withdrawal

There’s a fuck-tonne of content warnings at the start of this post, and combined with the title they meant I clicked away from Amy’s blog as soon as I’d read them. I was determined to read the post though, when I was in a mental place when I could do so, and I’m glad I did because it’s hard-hitting and raw and talks about really fucking important things.

The Other Livvy (blogging at Scarlett Ladies)  – Am I less of a feminist for taking my husbands name?

Livvy’s guest post is a thought-provoking discussion about her decision to take her husband’s name when they got married, and how her own opinions on whether or not this choice was in any way feminist have changed. It’s quite inspiring to read, and she’s right: breaking down normality is hard.

Medical experiments that end in fucking
Fucked on the garage floor

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