Review: Oh-Moji Rechargeable Mini Wand

I was delighted when I got an email from Lovehoney, asking if I would be interested in receiving a product from their new range pre-launch to review. Of course I said yes, and I was super excited to try the toy out when it arrived – and of course to share my thoughts with my readers!

Initial thoughts…

Lovehoney are the UK’s biggest online adult retailer, with a mission to help more people find their sexual happiness. The Oh-Moji Rechargeable Mini Wand arrived really quickly, and was discretely packaged – which is definitely what you want when you’re getting a sex toy delivered while staying at your parents’ house. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the toy itself: it’s ridiculous, in a wonderful way. It’s cute and quirky, not the kind of toy I’d usually buy for myself, but it’s definitely super fun.

Looking closer…

The Oh-Moji mini wand comes with three different emoji faces: tongue out, kisses, and – the one I chose – heart eyes. It is also very¬†mini: the toy is only 5 inches in length, and combined with the adorable design¬†I think it could probably lie unnoticed on a bedside table or on a desk fairly easily. ¬†For me, someone who masturbates daily and often uses vibrators, a wand that won’t be recognised as a sex toy is definitely something that intrigues me.

The mini wand is USB rechargeable, so while I couldn’t play with it instantly ¬†I could plug it into a standard charger port straight away.¬†Combined with its pocket-size, this means that it’s possibly a great toy to take with you while travelling – or (and this is where my mind when first) concealed in a handbag for all sorts of naughty adventures. With it’s plastic handle and silicone head, the toy doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates, making it body safe – yay! It’s got a flexible head, and is turned on and off with just a single button to click.

In the initial email from Lovehoney mentioned this product is being targeted towards students, and I have mixed feelings about how this is done using emoticons, mentions of Snapchat, hashtags and Instagram. While I think it might help some people feel more comfortable with purchasing their first vibrator, I think it encourages unfair assumptions both about young people being obsessed with their phones and the age of university students. That’s a minor thing though, and I really like the fact that they’ve worked emojis into the design of the packaging, continuing the theme of the toy and using it to impart information not only on how to charge, use, and clean the toy, but also pointing out that water-based lube is needed as it’s a silicone toy!

In use…

I absolutely love that the Oh-Moji mini wand is so tiny, but I did wonder how strong the vibrations would be: when it comes to wands, size often equals power. Being that I’m usually a fan of powerful, rumbling vibrations, as well as often struggling to orgasm, I didn’t try out the toy with the aim of making myself come. Instead, I set out to have a brilliant wank. The mini wand’s vibrations were quite buzzy – and not strong enough to make me come – but lying on my side with the toy pressed into my clit and fantasising about a partner using it on me in the stall of a public bathroom was wonderful.

The mini wand has three different strengths of vibrations and eight vibrating patterns, giving a total of eleven settings to cycle through. I’m not usually a fan of the ‘pattern’ settings on a wand, I usually try them out initially but use steady vibrations for an everyday wank. The Oh-Moji mini wand, however, has a setting that goes buzz-buzzbuzz-bzzzzzz-bzzzzzz-bzzzzzz-BUUUZZZZZZZZZZZ. It’s great: the pulses increase in strength, up to one long one that’s just intense enough to make my clit tense and throb, but stopping just before it tries to flinch away.

The silicon head of the toy has a round flat circle with the emoji face on it, which felt great when it was pushed into my clit, as well as the hemisphere-shaped head more commonly found on wands. Personally, I love smelling a toy that’s been rubbing against my cunt – especially when it’s covered in my own arousal and come – and the shape was just perfect for sliding up and down between the lips of my vulva before I sniffed it. One small issue I did have is that I had to push the button on the bottom of the wand for six seconds to turn it on, while the toy’s box says it should only take two seconds.

Care and cleaning…

The silicone head on the toy is designed to be removable so it can be cleaned easily. It’s a tiny bit more difficult to get off than I had expected as there is a little ridge holding it in place – at first I was afraid of breaking it – but when you do get it off it definitely does help make the toy easier to clean! The mini wand isn’t waterproof, so my recommendation is¬†to use a body-safe medical wipe or some toy cleaner to clean the toy after you’ve used it.

Overall impression…

I had great fun with the Oh-Moji mini wand, even though I wasn’t able to come, and love the playful design. Lovehoney are selling this range of products for just ¬£19.99 at the moment, so it’s a decent price for a body-safe rechargeable wand. I’d definitely recommend it for someone’s first vibrator, especially if they like buzzy vibrations and would benefit from having a toy that could pass incognito in a bedroom.

Edit, March 2021: The Oh-Moji mini wand is no longer stocker by Lovehoney, but I recommend the Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator if you’re looking for a small-yet-powerful wand. My review of this toy is coming soon!

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this toy to review! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you buy from them, I make a small commission. All opinions are, as ever, my own. All images are taken and owned by me, and may not to be reproduced without permission.

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