Good girls are quiet

Today’s erotica focusses on something good girls should be be: quiet. It’s something I’m terrible at though, which I suppose makes me a very bad girl…

“She’s so gorgeous when she’s desperate,” my girlfriend says, but to our dominant, rather than me. That only makes me squirm more beneath her, but she doesn’t let go. She was ordered to hold me open so he could inspect me, and she’s discovered previously that she often ends up sharing in my punishment if I disobey.

Today, something feels extra illicit and filthy about her holding my wrists as he spreads my cunt, because the duvet cover I’m pinned to is the faded one in my childhood bedroom.

Introducing your partners to your parents is an interesting experience, even if you’re not revealing the exact nature of your relationship. We’d agreed on limits before the visit, so the only touches exchanged had been light ones, and the only words ones that could be overheard without embarrassment. That hadn’t stopped either of them from getting me alone for a few minutes: her to pour filth into my ear and rub at my clit through my knickers; my knickers that were wet when he demanded I take them off so he could inhale the scent of my arousal before pocketing them.

I really hope he’ll take them out now and use them to gag me, instructing her to keep me quiet while he did delicious things to my needy cunt. I’ve been such a good girl, and they told me if I was good I would get a treat today.

“She is, isn’t she,” he agrees, and spanks her lightly; a signal to roll off of me and lie next to me on the narrow bed. As much as I love our massive bed at home, I love how close we have to be – squished together as he stands at the foot of the bed, watching us. Her hand reaches out to me, and her fingers curl through mine. I smile, and then freeze. His evil grin shows that this isn’t going to be a chance for good girls to get orgasms: he has something else planned.

“Do you remember the game we played last week, little slut?”

His words are taunting and my stomach tenses in anticipation.

“No sir?”

“I remember,” she says smugly, reaching over to squeeze one of my tits.

“Careful, Princess, you don’t want to be in our little slut’s position, do you? It’s a good thing you can stay quiet, isn’t it?”

“Yes sir,” she replies gleefully – ending in a gasp as my fingers seek out and twist one of her nipples.

“I told you that you needed to stay quiet, little slut. I was very clear that if you weren’t a good girl who could behave you wouldn’t get an orgasm. And remind me what you did, little slut?”

I flush with embarrassment, suddenly feeling very helpless. “I was very loud and came without permission, and you told me that you’d punish me for being such a noisy, disobedient girl.”

“Were you a noisy, disobedient girl, slut?”

I squirm. “I was a noisy, disobedient slut sir, and deserve to be punished.”

“Yes, you do, and I’m going to enjoy this. Princess, test to see if our slut’s cunt is still wet.”

Her fingers dip inside and I wiggle, trying to get the pressure against my g-spot. She teases me with light circles on my clit, and I moan just a little.

“Yes, sir. Our little slut is very wet and she really wants us to fuck her.”

He smirks. “Of course she does, because she is a desperate little slut. But she’s not going to get fucked, is she? No, our little slut is going to watch me fuck you. She’s going to watch you moan and writhe on my cock, and we won’t stop her from touching herself, because we know how much she loves to rub her clit when she hears the sounds you make as you orgasm, your cunt clenching around my cock. But she doesn’t get to come. She gets to watch you have a lovely satisfying orgasm, but she can’t have one because we can’t be loud at her parents’ house and she showed us the other day that she can’t have a quiet orgasm. Bad girls don’t get orgasms, do they little slut?”

“No, sir. Bad girls don’t get orgasms.” His words are so hot, and she’s playing with my tits. I can feel my cunt throbbing with each filthy, new idea he introduces, every embarrassing thing he makes me admit.

“That’s not all, though. You don’t get to come, but I do. After Princess has her orgasm, I’m going to use you as the little fuck toy you are. I’m going to come inside you, and leave you desperate and filled with my come.”

I whimper, but bury my face against her neck – being noisy right now is not going to get me any closer to an orgasm. Watching them fuck is one of my favourite things, though, and soon I have to look up and see exactly that. He fucks her with his hands on her chest, holding her firmly in place: still using her even though every stroke is designed to bring her closer to orgasm. As I have permission to, I wank furiously as I watch them – especially when he tells her to look at me and see how wet watching them is making me.

She looks at me as she comes, our eyes locked, and then he pulls out and shifts position. Now he’s pinning me down, and she’s still holding my hand as she lies in a post-orgasm haze.

“Ready to be used as a fuck toy on your childhood bed?” he asks, and I nod eagerly. It is satisfying to be filled with his cock, but he only thrusts twice before he’s coming inside me with a deep, sexy grunt. He rolls off me, lying on his back and pulling Princess half on to his chest and tugging me close to him, an arm wrapped around him.

“Good girls,” he whispers, but he laces his fingers through mine to pull them away from my cunt – some how they’d drifted down there… I submit, trying not to think about my aching cunt.

“So, little slut, what have you learned?”

“Good girls are quiet, sir.”

“Exactly, little one.” He kisses my forehead, and I snuggle closer to him. “And good girls are going to pull their knickers up so they can feel my come dripping out of your used cunt into them as they have dinner with their parents.”

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