Ode to sexting

I’ve started this blog post again and again, but kept getting distracted by buying butt plugs or watching porn or talking to sexy people about equally sexy things. I enjoy flirting, and I feel like there’s been a lot of it today, so tonight I’m sharing a silly, fun, filthy poem about sexting.

Tonight, I get to live out
All my dirty fantasies
Every filthy thing I wish for
From rope bondage to DP.

I’ll give blow jobs in alley ways
Let myself be used and fucked
And they’ll know just how I like it
Not sweet or gentle: fast and rough

I’ll be told I may not come
No matter how much I beg
They’ll all tease and torture me
As I trussed up on the bed.

I’ll be a naughty schoolgirl
And deliberately misbehave
‘Til I’m instructed to bend over
For the caning that I crave.

I’ll be stretched and filled with butt plugs
Exposed, inspected, stripped naked
With people who I trust enough
To beg to be humiliated.

In the morning I’ll have bruises
Dried come rubbed into my tits
And my sheets will still be damp with sexy things
Arousal, come and lube and spit.

How can I do these things?
You ask, and so I thus reply:
There are sexy people in my phone
Who make me squirm and squeal and cry
And sexting makes the time between
kinky adventures really fly.

Image sourced through Pixabay.


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