My first face-fucking

Drawing of a woman giving a man a blow job - he is sitting, legs spread, on a blue sofa, and she is lying next to him with her head in his lap. She is wearing knickers, and his hand is lying gently and intimately on her butt. In the background there is a pot plant, a coffee table with a bottle of lube on it, and a painting featuring erotic art.
Artwork by Violet Fawkes.

I kicked today’s ass. However, ass-kicking is exhausting, and I’m now achy and tired and have absolutely no more energy for people. I’m ridiculously proud that I managed to write these words down into a somewhat coherent post of a not-quite-true story about my first face-fucking.

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While your fantasies are about blow jobs in dirty alleys, when you’re forced to your knees and made suck the cocks of strangers who will later come on your tits, your reality is a little different. But just because it’s not your fantasy, it doesn’t mean that this the reality isn’t brilliant. It is brilliant, and fun and giggly and full of kissing.The first time you feel him let go, you are beneath him.

You like to kneel beside him when you suck his cock. You’re surprised by how much you like it, to be honest. The smell and the taste are wonderful, and the sounds he makes while you pleasure him are incredibly arousing. You feel so powerful that you can make him moan and writhe and make those little mewing sounds.

He smiles too. He looks so happy. You feel good, and between your legs your cunt grows wet and you smile as you try to take him a little deeper because you like this. You pull back to catch your breath, and you grin because you’ve been practicing. You’ve been practicing with your dildo, and from the whimpers he is making it sounds like your work is paying off.

You experiment with different positions. Is kneeling between his legs better than kneeling at his side? Are you a better good little cock slut when you angle your cute wee butt towards his face, so he can he play with your cunt while you suck him?

However, the first time you feel him let go is different. You’re on your back, your head on a pillow that smells like sweat and sex from the hours you two have already spent together in this bed. He is kneeling above you, his hands gripping the headboard as he looks down at you. He’s grinning,

You have learnt to suck his cock, and you love the power it gives you. Now though, the dynamic is different. The dominant gleam in his eyes delights you, and his position above you suggests that he has you pinned where he wants you. He is still careful, he doesn’t overwhelm you, but he thrusts into your mouth eagerly.

He is in control, and when he hears you whine around his cock and sees your eyes begging for more, he lets go a little more. It might be tame for a face-fucking, but it gives you a small taste of being physically overwhelmed and used.

It’s wonderful that he stops, to check you’re ok, but you can’t wait to have his cock in your mouth again.

Fear, shame, and trying to be brave
Fuck manual instructions


  1. I loved this story already but the telling by Hannah is absolutely awesome. More please!

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