An idea that didn’t slap me in the face

It may be possible to tell that I didn’t quite know where this post was going until I got to the last few lines. Thus, as I decided I don’t have the energy today to rewrite it, you are being treated to a slightly tangled journey through some of the hot dominant things that I’ve tried.

I feel like I pondered this post much too long, trying to find an angle I could approach this Kink of the Week topic. Then it hit me: I’d been trying to think about how I’d feel about face-slapping as a submissive – which is how I approach a lot of my erotic writing.

There is nothing fucking hotter than someone craning to look up at you with big, wet, pleading eyes as they suck your cock.

Ok, not quite. There are many dirty words and gorgeous filthy ideas that make me squirm. I keep discovering more things that turn me on as I explore my kinks and my sexuality. So let’s just say that at the time, the first time he knelt in front of me as I wore the strap-on harness and took the tip of my silicone cock into his mouth, all I could think that there could be nothing hotter than this.

Only little bit later I was proved wrong. I liked seeing him like that and I liked the power I had, and just because I could I thrust the dildo into his mouth. Gently at first, then – in response to his little hum of pleasure – harder, so he gagged and choked. All the while he still tried to look up at me with eyes begging for approval.

How does this relate to face-slapping? Well, after turning the image of me being slapped by a dominant and left breathless with a burning red cheek… I still couldn’t work out how I felt about it. But approaching the same scenario from a dominant perspective? That’s easy, because I’ve already thought and fantasised about it. It’s something I’d have to be already turned on to find arousing, though, and something I’d have to be in an extremely dominant headspace to actually do.

But nothing makes me feel more domly than having a guy suck my cock.

In the months we spent fucking, this particular guy trusted me with his submission. He allowed me to try on the role of a dominant and be his Mistress, for short periods of time. Not that I can claim to be the one guiding us as we fell into adventures of spanking and butt plugs and orgasm denial: we learned together. The times when I got to don my strap-on and order him to suck me before I fucked his ass were probably my favourites.

This links to the current Kink of the Week topic because I can half-remember a scene where I first fucked his face and then slapped it. I honestly have no idea if this vivid memory is rooted in fantasy or fiction. It could have happened – the setting and dynamic are right – but it also feels like a step further than the kink we usually played with. Thinking about it turns me on, regardless of whether it really happened.

We were in my bedroom, on a bed that was a fine size to fuck on but that frequently caused us to battle over the duvet when we tried to share it for sleep after sex. He was on his back, head against the pillows and naked apart from his boxers, while I was straddling his chest. It had probably been less than 30 seconds since I’d bent forward and kissed him. Kissing him, then, was a way to say I love you and I’m happy and thank you with a physical act, rather than with words. Even now, with kissing off the table, there are times when I cannot think of a better way to tell him how I’m feeling.

But I digress. I knelt up, switching to the position that is my favourite to get throat fucked in by him. It was the first time I had made him suck me like this, though. Like this, your head can’t move back, so there has to be more trust: when you’re face fucked like this, you have to take it. I knew he wanted me to push him, and I did. At first letting him greedily take the head of my cock in his mouth, then beginning to fuck his mouth in earnest.

As I did, I called him a pretty thing, my pretty thing, my pretty slut, so greedy for my cock. He gagged a little, and I drew back only so he could look at the thick trail of saliva that ran from his mouth to the black dildo. Then I thrust again and again, hands against the headboard to keep myself balanced but looking down at him. Grinning – not showing outwardly that as much as this turned me on, I’m still being careful that I don’t hurt him – I continue to throat fuck him.

It would look tame by most people’s standards, had anyone been watching, but for us it was fun and erotic and edgy. I don’t remember all of the filthy words I said to him, but I do remember later sitting down on his chest, idly rubbing my cock as though I did have nerve endings in the smooth silicone and asking him if he liked it. Still recovering, he didn’t reply.

I slapped his cheek.

Gently, but enough so he felt it. Enough so he was shocked. I absolutely had his attention now.

“I said, pretty thing, do you like me fucking your throat? Does it make you feel like the pretty slut you are?”

“Yes Mistress.”

It wasn’t the last time I did so on that evening. When he wouldn’t admit that he loved the filthy things I was doing to him, or when he wouldn’t answer my check-in questions that I asked to see if he was ok (it was only the third time I’d fucked his ass with my dildo) I did it again. I warned him first, and he looked up at me with eyes that asked for it. I slapped him again and repeated the question; I would always get an answer the second time around.

“Are you ok?” “Does this hurt?” “You love having me inside you, don’t you?” “You can take more for me, pretty slut.”

I love using Dom/sub dynamics to check that my partners are ok, and there’s an intimacy to face slapping that worked very well on this occasion.

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  1. I agree that as writers we can sometimes think too hard about a topic – after you let that go this one turned out very well, intriguing 😉

  2. Agree with your thoughts on face slapping entirely, but even more than that I am so with you on the joy of having my strapon sucked. It is easily one of my favourite things to include in a scene. It’s always awesome to see other people writing about that too x

  3. Fucking hell that’s fucking hot as fucking shit. FUCK.

    Um, and also, yes, I can now see face slapping from a dominant perspective, and I enjoy it very much. 😉

  4. Oddly I can totally see how this very hot, it almost makes me think I am wrong about face slapping so that shows how good your writing is here I think


  5. I think that’s incredibly hot but I still want to experience it from the subby side.

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