Staying back after class for a spanking

In a turn of events that will probably surprise all of you (and definitely surprised me!) I have written the second part to my fucking-in-a-university-lecture-theatre story. I advise you to go back and read that post first, but I’ll repeat my statement that the sex that happens in this story is a consensual role-play scenario between adults, and all characters are above the legal age of consent.. To those who know the fantastic news I got today, tangentially elated to that topic, thank you for all your support and encouragement.

She shrugs and crosses her arms, smirking a little. “I guess you’ll have to make me.”

Keeping up my strict expression, I pounce. It’s clear that Al isn’t used to being manhandled, and she isn’t expecting me to grab her shoulders and spin her around. She struggles and squirms, but I grip her wrists tightly in one hand and lift them up, forcing her to bend over. Her shorts are less easy to lift up to spank her, but denim hugging her thighs gives me another idea. I slip my fingers under the cuff and give a sharp pinch.

Al squeals, and I grin quickly. She struggles but my hold is firm and while I know she won’t feel them much through her denim shorts, I deliver a few sharp smacks.

“It will be fun to show you who is really in charge here, girl. And show you what happens when bad girls act like sluts.”

She’s panting a little as she struggles against me but lets out a mewl of uncomfortable pleasure as I twist my fingers through her short hair and tug it to the side, so she’s forced to look at Becca.

“That’s what a bad girl who is going to take her punishment for being a slut looks like. Now, I’m going to give you one more chance to join her. Do you want to do this the painful and embarrassing way, or the extremely painful and humiliating way?”

Becca is still bent over the desk, with her knickers around her ankles and her skirt lifted up. As I mention her, she sticks her butt a little further out and wiggles it slightly. The perfect target for a spanking. I want to lean over and bite her cute wee butt, caressing and groping her as I discuss all the ways I’m going to make her squirm, but right now I have a troublesome slut to deal with.

“Well, Al-slut?”

I’ve let go of her hair and am caressing her butt. Stroking gently. I know exactly how to make her blush; how to touch her to make her feel small and submissive, especially when Becca is watching. I know she’ll be biting back a fuck you right now, because she knows that when she challenges me to make her I really will, and there is only so far she’s willing to go in a semi-public setting.

“I’m sorry Miss. I’m going to be a good girl for you.”

I smirk. “Why is that, girl?”

“Because I deserve to be punished for being caught being such a slut in public.”

I release her arms, but I’m not quite done with her yet. “For being caught?”

She is squirming and flushed red in the way I know means her knickers are soaking.

“No, Miss. For being a brazen slut.”

“Good little slut. Now go and bend over.”

She obeys, leaning over next to Becca. Like the little slut she is, she pushes down her shorts and knickers so they’re around her ankles and presents her arse to me as well.

“Now, I expect you both of you dirty sluts to stay still while you receive your punishment. You are bad, bad girls to fuck here, and I am glad I caught you engaged in this filthy act, so I can correct this sluttish behaviour.”

It’s a gorgeous sight, the two girls bent over the desk for me. I take my time. I examine them, spreading their cunts with my fingers and telling them how filthy I are when I find they are wet. I start with a few spanks – alternating girls and alternating cheeks until Becca’s ass cheeks are a rosy red, and while Al’s skin is darker and marking her is harder I know she’s warmed up. Their whimpers and little gasps ring out around the lecture theatre, and there’s something wonderful about doing this here, in this huge empty space where I feel like I’m completely in control.

In this particular lecture theatre, there is a pointer leaning against the side of the huge whiteboard. It’s thinner than a metre stick, but a little longer. It’s a pervertable that is long enough to spank two naughty little girls at once. Whatever the pointer is made of, it makes them both cry out when my first stroke lands.

“Ten more, for you little sluts,” I tell them. “Count them for me.”

They do, while trying to stay still and hold their butts up to receive their punishment. When the ten strikes had been dealt out, I stepped back to admire my work. My voice changed from strict school mistress to a softer tone.

“You took that punishment like good girls… but you were good girls, you wouldn’t reach out and touch each other right now.”

Their fingers find each other’s clits, and they quickly stroke their targets in the diagonal sweeps and circular motions that they know will respectively get the other off. I slip my hand under my jeans again, edging myself to the sight of them racing to make each other come. It’s a pretty spectacular view.

And when they come, it’s time for butt rubs and kisses as I help them to get dressed again.

“Next time we do this, though, can we please do it in a building on the other side of campus so we’re closer to the tea house?” Becca asks when we’ve left the lecture theatre – pretending once more to be students who don’t fuck in the university buildings.

“Surely you want a bit of a walk, so you don’t have to sit down right away on that spanked arse?” I tease her.

“I only want to go there if you’re paying. No wait – only if I can finger you while we’re eating?”

We are laughing when we step outside into the sunshine, my switchy girlfriend on one side of me, and my subby girlfriend on the other. It’s time for aftercare, and Al might be right – it’s been a while since she’s finger-fucked me in public…

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  1. University (well I only went to collage but still) was never ever this much fun. I actually sometimes think about going now. I even had a place about 9 years ago but I never took it up.


  2. I wouldn’t have been so ready to leave college if I’d had this kind of fun.

    And also, I love that cheeky little suggestion at the end about being closer to the tea house. Sounds like something I would say, lol.

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