Sofa sex doesn’t guarantee a satisfied submissive

I’ve written about sofa sex before, but this dynamic is a little different in this story. I think there is a little bit of age-play in this post, along with D/s and – although it is not explicitly stated – orgasm denial. It definitely has one of my favourite things right now: being humiliated for how wet I get at being used.

It’s been a long day, and all I want to do is curl up in my girlfriend’s arms.

Luckily when I get in, she’s already on the sofa. She’s reading, the same paperback she spanked me with last night, and there is a blanket over her legs. It’s easy to slide myself in next to her, with my head resting on her arm and her continuing to read over my shoulder. I pull the blanket up, and she pulls me closer to her.

“I’ve got you, little one,” she whispers to me, and I mumble sleepily. I look at the pages that are only a few inches from my nose. I see a sentence that seems jumbled up, with an obsequious jumping out at me in the middle. My eyes close.

Maybe I fall asleep, just for a little.

When I wake up, the book is no longer in her hand, but is instead forming a more comfortable pillow under my head. She is lightly kissing the back of my neck, and her other arm is sneaking around my waist and her hand is slipping down beneath my skirt. She cups my vulva, and I feel safe and loved.

Pretty soon, though, I want her to do more than just hold me.

She keeps kissing my neck, but far too slowly. I get impatient and start to squirm, thinking about all the other places that I want her kisses. I’m not wearing panties, so I am sure she can feel me getting wet against her hand. She knows this is the best way to tease me, especially when…


She interrupts my thoughts by biting my ear, and then sucks it into her mouth, making me moan. I begin humping her hand gently as she plays with me. I rock back and forth, grinding my clit into the palm of her hand. Subtly… or at least so I think, until she grabs my cunt and makes me squirm.

“Are you trying to get yourself off by rubbing your greedy little cunt against my hand, little girl?”

I bury my face in her elbow, wiggling back against her, trying to distract her from the question by being adorable, but she very firmly takes control. She flips us over, rolling me onto my back and straddling my waist. She pins my wrists to the sofa-arm above me and looks down at me with her dominant face on. I can’t help but grin.

“I’m going to give you one more chance to answer that question, little girl, or things are going to get a wee bit uncomfortable for you.”

“Yes ma’am. Sorry, ma’am. Yes, I was trying to rub my cunt against your hand to give my clit some attention.”

“Your clit, little girl?”

I curse myself, seeing the gleam in her eyes.

“No, ma’am, it’s your clit. I’m sorry ma’am.”

“Yes, little girl, you are right. You are my little girl, and the wet little cunt between your legs belongs to me.”

“Yes ma’am, it’s yours.”

“It is. And I didn’t expect you to forget that today, of all days. It’s clear that you need a little bit more of a reminder that you’re mine.”

“But you said…”

She gives me a stern look, which cuts off my pleading whine.

“Are you telling me that I’m wrong, little one?”

I blush under her piercing gaze. “No, ma’am.”

“You’re remembering, little girl. But clearly, you haven’t learned your lesson yet. So, do you remember what I told you about how to touch your ma’am until she comes, little girl?”

“Yes ma’am,” I smile eagerly. I like it when I make her come and she calls me a good girl.

“Then I’m going to kneel here and you’re going to use your clever little fingers, little one, to make me come. Do you understand?”

I nod, and she releases my hands and unzips her jeans. Like me, she isn’t wearing panties, and I can smell her delicious, sexy scent. I reach my hand out and stroke her clit a little, before burrowing my finger between her wet folds to find their way inside her to the special spot that makes her cry out in pleasure.

Before I start fucking her, she leans down to whisper one more thing to me.

“You better not be making a mess of the sofa with how wet you are, you filthy little slut. Your butt is going to regret it if you’re a messy little girl today.”

My cunt – her cunt – releases another flood of wetness in response.

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Image sourced through Pixabay. Quinn has not had any orgasms today, and she’s trying to decide if it affects how she writes smut.

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