Teddy’s tentacles

This post is, quite frankly, a mess where I’ve woven together a number of kinks that make me a very messy girl turn me on just now into a story. These include age play, orgasm denial, Daddy kink, tentacle porn, and – I think – cuckqueaning. Thank you to both Molly and Cara whose posts both inspired elements in this story.

He’d quickly found that I couldn’t keep my promise of staying quiet while I watched them.

Watching Daddy do bad things to other girls makes me squirmy and wet, and I cannot help making pleading whines. If he doesn’t want to be interrupted while he’s showing them how to be big girls, he’ll get out my spider-gag to force me to be quiet. I sit on my chair in the corner and watch, drool pooling in my mouth – and sometimes spilling down my face – and arousal pooling underneath me.

(Sometimes there’s an actual pool when I end up, and Daddy makes me bend over and clean up my mess. When I am a messy girl, Daddy likes to do very, very bad things to me, and he likes it very much.)

I’m not allowed to touch myself though. I’m never allowed to touch my cunt without permission, because it really belongs to Daddy and I can’t play with it without asking.

Teddy gets to watch with me, and Teddy is allowed to touch my cunt. Or rather, I’m allowed to rub against his soft fur while I watch Daddy to bad things to the other girls. Also, while Teddy is called Teddy, he is a cuddly octopus. When Daddy first bought Teddy for me, I wasn’t sure I liked him… until Daddy told me a story, where I was lying in a shallow pool in the warm sun, touching myself. My wetness mixed with the water and my scent travelled far, attracting an octopus.

While he told me this story, he acted it out with Teddy, making me lie back on our bed, explaining how the octopus began to wrap it’s tentacles around me. Soon, there were suckers on my nipples and clit, and a tentacle wrapped around my throat and squeezing slightly. It was impossible to get away from them, no matter how much I fought, without slipping under the water that suddenly seemed so much deeper. And when the tentacles slipped inside me, to the places only Daddy touched, I’m not sure I had wanted to.

That was the first time Teddy had born witness to one of my orgasms, but far from the last time.

Teddy cannot make me come without Daddy’s help, so I’m allowed to play with him and make him play with me. His soft fur feels good against my wet cunt, and I can even push his tentacles inside me, to give me the illusion of being full. Daddy knows all it does eventually is make me want him more, but Teddy is still comforting. Especially on the nights when Daddy is away. He smells of our sex and my cunt, and I like to hold him close and breathe in that smell, remembering all the times I’ve held him close while Daddy has done bad things that make me wet… or watched while he does them to other girls.

Like right now, when I’m squirming on the wooden chair, I am wearing just a long shirt and no knickers. The gag means I cannot speak, and I know better than to cross over to the big bed. I’ve made that mistake before, to try and show one of the girls how to be a good girl for Daddy so it would hurt less, but the paddling Daddy gave me the next day made it clear that it was a disobedience that would be taken lightly. All I can do is watch, while I get squirmier and squirmer and wetter and wetter, and press Teddy more tightly against my cunt.

On the bed, Daddy is fucking a girl. She is older than me, and I cannot help but wonder if she is a better good girl for Daddy. Maybe she has had more practice at being a big girl, and doesn’t squeal when he touches her in special ways. She is very pretty, and maybe is better behaved. I know Daddy likes giving me spankings, but maybe he’d prefer a little girl who wasn’t so naughty? I know these thoughts are all wrong, because I know I will always be Daddy’s little girl, but it is a little bit hot – just for a moment – to pretend that he will never touch me in bad ways again. That I will just have to watch while he fucks other girls, squirming and getting wet on my chair in the corner.

Daddy has finished kissing in the special places that make me moan – she moaned too – and now is showing her how to take his cock. I remember how good it feels, even when it hurts and I whimper and cry and Daddy fucks me just because he needs to use me. I have learned how to love being filled and used by him. As I watch her scrunch up her face and listen to him telling her to be a good girl for her, almost without realising it I am playing with Teddy’s tentacles. The fur is a little worn and matted, but that is because I have done so often what I am doing now: pushing just the tips inside me. And then more, because maybe, just maybe, this time it will be enough to make me feel full and to make me come.

I know that I won’t get to come today. Daddy gives me orgasms when I have been a good girl, but he says that watching another good girl get an orgasm counts as my reward for being good instead. A tiny mean part of myself hopes that the girl on the bed doesn’t come, but I know she will. Daddy is very good at finding all the right places to touch. If I’m lucky, though, Daddy will ask me to clean them up after they are finished. That way I feel useful and Daddy might even call me a good girl and let me snuggle with them afterwards. Sometimes I don’t, and Daddy leaves me to fuck myself with my sparkly red-and-silver dildo – but not come – while he takes her home.

I push Teddy’s tentacles inside me further, and watch the girl on the bed. She is taking Daddy’s cock very well, and for just a second the idea that he might like her better and just keep me around as a clean-up pet is a real fear and not just a hot thought. Then he is growling in her ear and telling her to come for him, and he is making the grunt that he makes when he comes. I remember what it feels like to have Daddy come inside me, and suddenly Teddy’s tentacles feel very small even though I have been stuffing them inside me.

“Pet? Are you going to be a good girl and come and clean Daddy and his friend up?”

I nod eagerly. Teddy comes out of my cunt, but comes with me to the bed. Daddy’s friend smiles at that, but I set about my task eagerly. Maybe Daddy will fuck me with a nice thick toy while she and Teddy watch me…

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  1. I keep trying to come up with a comment which is not me just going…..unnnnffffff….. but I got nothing apart from that and sticky fingers!


  2. This was indeed sexy, and a clever mix of so many kinks. Tentacle porn calls to me too – the idea of being touched in so many longing places at once – mmm!
    You wrote the age play and the orgasm denial really well, and while I dont get the appeal of cuckqueaning, your portrayal of it makes it seem like it could be hot!

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