Blogger positivity: did you write this for me?

It’s a few months since I’ve written a Share Our Shit Saturday post, and I’ll admit that I’ve been planning this one for a while. The three posts I’m sharing this week made me stop and wonder did they write this for me? even if I have no reason to think that. They’re all brilliant pieces of writing by three women I admire immensely, and you should go check out all of their other awesomeness.

Each of these posts were (and are) so significant to me that even though it’s a while since they were published I still think they are worth sharing. Click on the titles to give some love to these wonderful bloggers.

Lessons in Kate – What were you expecting?

I love Hannah’s writing so much. She’s one of my favourite erotic authors and has written some truly beautiful pieces that make me blush and squirm. I liked this one a lot, because it involves two girls doing filthy, D/s-y things. It also features humiliation and aftercare, which are two of my favourite things ever, and thus there is a slight chance I’ve jerked off while reading this post.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Feeling Compersion

This post made me cry. At least, I think it was this one: in case you’re not familiar with her work, Molly is a genius of a sex blogger and has written some incredible things that make me question my own sexuality and think about my kinks. To me, this post was extremely powerful – and while there are personal reasons why I found reading it rather emotional, Molly’s writing about poly stuff is fabulous. (

Emmeline Peaches Reviews – Should We Openly Display Adult Products?

I read this fantastic blog post soon a little before (or maybe just after) I published a story about my struggle with shame and it meant so much. Emmeline says some very clever things in this post, putting together some coherent arguments as to why it’s totally acceptable to have a giant rainbow-coloured pride dildo in one’s kitchen, and why sometimes it maybe isn’t… Reading the post made me feel calm and safe, which I can only say many thank yous to Emmeline for.


Torment and theorising (about who is teasing you)
Panties or petit four?

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my post. I wrote another one this week about time off from D/s which I was pleased with and hopefully won’t make you cry!


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