Good girls don’t…

I wrote about some my first ever threesome a while ago, and even then I was eager to visit the wonderful couple in question again for more kinky fuckery. Every part of that adventure was brilliant, and there has been lots of flirting, dirty talk, and pictures of cats since then. I have plans to go and visit the Doctor (the gorgeous-as-fuck switch-in-the-middle in this couple) and Mr Nook (her extremely attractive partner) very soon, and I’m super excited. However, there’s a couple of things I really hope they won’t to do to me – things that good girls just don’t do.

Not let me come on the first day

They put me on orgasm denial about twelve days ago. Five days of edging – getting as close to an orgasm as I could without getting any of the satisfaction from actually coming. I’d been ordered to increase my number of edges by at least one every day; my wet, aching cunt wanted two almost-orgasms on day one, so by the fifth day I had to edge six times for them. And send them a picture of my dripping, needy holes and throbbing clit when I was done. Now I’m on a period of no touch, when I cannot rub my poor clit, or grind it into the heel of my foot when I’m sitting down, or hump one of the pillows that so often find their way between my legs when I am especially desperate. I can touch for the functional purposes of cleaning, but other than that it’s hands off until they spread my legs to inspect me. Last time, I had a wonderful and unexpected orgasm on the first evening I spent with them, and I really hope they don’t stretch out the teasing and torment for longer this time.

Tease me with a vibrator in public

I wrote a guest post for Coffee and Kink about how the gloriously sadistic couple I threesome-d with strapped a butterfly vibrator to my cunt and took me out to dinner. They passed the remote between them, making me squirm and squeal while we ate sushi. By the time we were driving home, I was a submissive mess, begging and writing in the back seat of their car. The mind-fuck of not knowing who was holding the remote and when they would turn on the vibrations was delicious, as was the fact they could reduce me so easily to their little plaything. I really hope they won’t use it to torture me again this time, especially as I feel we may have a chance to play in a setting where they can force me to go up and talk to someone while they’re teasing the fuck out of my clit without including people in our kinky play who aren’t consenting.

Get her own back

The Doctor is absolutely adorable when she is being denied orgasms, caned, and edged. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had fun ganging up with her dominant to tease her. It can be wonderful to tell someone – or better yet¬†show someone – that you’re having orgasms when they aren’t allowed to come. I’ve been flexing my dominant muscles and sadistic side… but I expect she’ll get her own back and put me in my place when I go to visit. Consensually mean girls are the cutest, but I really hope I don’t have to suffer for all of the times I have been mean to her, because I have a feeling she will be ingeniously evil.

Make me listen to ridiculously hot audio porn

I don’t hide the fact that I think Girl on the Net’s audio porn project is brilliant, and if you’re supporting her on Patreon (you should be!) you can already listen to her bonus October guest audio. It’s a recording of a super-hot story written by Coffee and Kink about female orgasm denial, read by the wonderful Hannah Lockhardt. The post is one of my favourites because it pushes so fucking many of my buttons, and I was super excited when I found out that it was going to be turned into audio porn. Of course, it’s come out during my period of no touch, and I know listening to it will make me even more aroused and desperate than I am right now. I really hope they don’t make me listen to it – specifically because I imagine they’d make me do it with my legs spread so they can watch my cunt clench as I listen to the exquisite audio porn while forbidden to touch myself.

Make me beg (and tell me it’s not enough)

Humiliate the fuck out of me, pretty, pretty please? The denial and dirty talk play into my humiliation kink, but the dynamic of being the ‘second sub’ playing with a couple can also add to the feeling of degradation that makes me very, very wet. I definitely need lots of aftercare after I’ve been reduced to a stupid little slut, a desperate set of fuck holes, but I know I can trust the Doctor and Mr Nook to take care of me and give me the aftercare I need. One thing I know they’re absolutely going to do is make me beg. I’ll definitely have to beg to get my cunt touched and be given permission to come, but also probably to go to the bathroom and to suck cock and eat pussy… mmffff. But making me beg is one thing – telling me it’s not enough, that I have to work harder? I really hope they don’t do that.

Stuff my old panties in my mouth

I left a pair of knickers at their house last time I was there. To be precise, I was made to piss myself while wearing knickers and standing in their bath tub the last time I was there, so they held on to the wet wad of cotton to wash. Despite the fact that post exists, they’ve kept a hold of my knickers. This time I’m taking lots of carefully-chosen knickers that make I will make a mess of while looking cute in, but the plain, worn out pair I pissed in last time will be there too. There is something deeply embarrassing (and thus deeply arousing) about them stuffing that pair in my mouth to gag me, rather than one of the pretty new pairs.¬†I really hope they don’t do this, and that they definitely don’t do it while reminding me what the panties were last used for.

Pretend not to know what I said

As well as an improvised panties-stuffed-in-mouth gag, I’ve been promised (or maybe threatened with?) that I’ll have their shiny, new, bought-at-a-fetish-market gag used on me. I love the sensation of being gagged – it definitely helps me get into subspace really quickly and makes me feel helpless in a way that means I will try my hardest to be a good girl because I’m relying on whoever has gagged me to take care of me. Gags will sometimes make me drool – reducing me further to a helpless mess in exactly the way I like, and hopefully making me look like a cute little fuck toy. The scariest-yet-hottest thing about gags is that you can’t speak but the cruel, cruel humans you’re playing with can see that you’re trying to tell them something. Unless you’re using your non-verbal safeword, they can also pretend to think you’re saying something else – like when you’re silently begging them to¬†please stop spanking my clit¬†and they can claim you’re struggling to say the exact opposite.¬†Oh, you want me to spank your poor little clit harder, slut?¬†for example. It’s a glorious mind fuck, and I really hope they don’t put words, as well as gags, in my mouth.

Punish me for her disobedience

I enjoy being punished within a kink scene; knowing that my bratty words and disobedience will have consequences is super fun to me. Being forced to obey – wrestled to the ground, legs pulled forcibly open, hands pinned above my head – makes me wet, and receiving a punishment for this defiance is brilliant. I am still exploring my relationship to pain and working out if I’m as much of a pain slut in reality as I am in my head. Last time I played with the Doctor and Mr Nook, I learned that getting my butt punched is the best thing ever, but this time I hope they’re going to help me test some of my limits with impact play. Something that has come up in our pre-threesome flirtation is that Mr Nook might punish¬†me when the Doctor is a bad girl and misbehaves. This, in my opinion, is utterly, utterly unfair and I really hope they don’t actually do this.

After all, good girls don’t (but I do).

Image sourced through Pixabay. Please note: this post is written in a slightly tongue-in-cheek style. Everything that happens during my upcoming kink adventure will be negotiated ahead of time and enthusiastically consented to, and there is a chance that this post is actually a list of eight things I really, really hope they do in fact do to me. 

Torment and theorising (about who is teasing you)

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