You’ve met the characters in this story before, at the end of my airport fuck-toy smut. I knew then that I wanted to write about them again, and am honestly surprised that I haven’t shared more of their (fictional) kinky adventures sooner. It’s also, just possible, that this story was inspired by the fact I wanted to spend Sunday being soundly spanked. 

“Oh, have you only just realised that you can’t get up?”

I give a little whimper as I flop down on the spanking bench again. No, I hadn’t realised that as well as straps across my legs, there was one across my lower back. The realisation that I’m far more restrained than I thought makes my cunt wet. Not that I wasn’t already aroused by the warm up spanking I’d been receiving.

“Aww, she’s just realised she can’t get up!” I can hear the delight in our play partner’s voice as she draws my girl’s attention to the fact I’m now spreading my legs open and wiggling against the leather.

“Can’t I?” I say, grinning at them over my shoulder. I begin to struggle in earnest, kicking my legs and pushing against the straps that are holding me down. It has the desired affect: within seconds their strong hands are on my body, pushing me down against the spanking bench. My girlfriend begins to tighten the straps, while our play partner’s hands pin me down and deliver several sharp spanks to my already reddening butt cheeks.

I squeak at the blows and stop struggling.

“Are you going to be a good girl for us?” my girlfriend asks, and there is a moment when I wonder if the sheer cunt-clenching hotness of feeling their hands on me as I struggle is worth the pain I know will be heading my way if I continue to misbehave. Which, to be honest, it is because if I’m strapped down on a spanking bench I’m going to get hurt anyway.

Twisting my head around and wiggling my butt at them, I just have time to stick my tongue out at them before they’re forcing me down again. Someone’s hand – it makes me drip that I can’t work out whose – is gripping my neck, and there is another hand on the small of my back. There are nails scraping up my inner thigh, making me squirm, and teeth biting into my ass cheek on the other side.

“You know you’re going to pay for that, right?” our play partner whispers, her breath warm against my skin. I whimper affirmation, and my girl laughs.

“She’s such an adorable little sub when she knows we’re going to hurt her. Look at how wet she’s getting…”

Her fingers spread me open, but in a careful, clinical method to make sure she doesn’t touch my needy clit. They inspect me, and I can feel myself getting more and more turned on the longer they look at me like this, making me wait for the spanking that is coming. Or flogging, or caning, or –


The fingers holding my cunt open and exposed don’t moved until that first stroke lands, so I have no warning. It stings like hell, and I have no time to recover.

Smack! SMACK! Smack! SMACK! Smack! SMACK!

If they weren’t hitting me so hard or so quickly, the spanks coming one after another in a relentless stream, I could probably work out who is spanking which side of my arse. Our play partner is an utter fucking sadist and she spanks and fucks me so very hard. In the competitive glee that emerges when they co-top me, she pushes my girl to hit me harder. The last time they beat me together, I was left with bruises that lasted for more than a week. (Every morning my girl would make me turn around and pull down my pyjama bottoms so she could send our play partner a photo of the pretty marks they’d given me.)


“Is she still wet?”

The little huff of exertion in my girl’s voice as she asks the question makes me grin against the spanking bench. The spanks pause, and a finger pushes roughly into my fuck-hole – but easily because I am very, very wet.

“Very wet.”

There’s a sound that could be my girl sucking my arousal off her fingers. I squirm a little, picturing that ridiculously hot thing, but am a good girl and don’t look. Not that that stops her hand delivering a firm smack to my cunt. I yelp, and I am sure they are smirking at each other behind me. There are a couple more smacks, and then a hand grabs my cunt and squeezes.

“You want us to keep spanking you, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“It makes you wet, doesn’t it?”

“Ye – fuck, that hurts – yes ma’am.”

“Why does it make you wet?”

This time it’s my girl who asks the question, and I know what she wants me to say. I fidget a little in embarrassment, but I know they won’t touch me again until I say it, and I really want them to keep playing with me.

“Because I’m a little slut, miss…”

“Good girl.”

They both say it, and both keep saying it: encouraging me to be a good girl and take more pain for them as they keep hitting me, and talking to each other about how cute I look when I’m in pain and how wet my dripping fuck-hole is.

Smack! SMACK! Smack! SMACK! Smack! SMACK!

I look over my shoulder again, but no longer because I am being bratty. I just want to see them.

My girl has taken her jacket off and rolled up her shirt sleeves. She’s still wearing her waistcoat though, the one I want to rip off her whenever she’s wearing it because she looks so fucking hot in it. Our play partner is an inch or so taller, and this week her short hair is lilac, matching the boots she’s wearing. She’s taken off her t-shirt, though she’s still in jeans with just a glimpse of her pale-pink harness peeping out, a gorgeous contrast with her dark skin. They’re standing side by side, and exchanging evil grins as they work in tandem to hurt me.

They look so fucking sexy. Concentration and physical endurance in every movement, as they work hard to make sure each hit lands in exactly the right place to make me squeal or squirm or beg. I quickly bury my head in my arms again, pushing my arse out like a good girl who wants more. I want to be soundly, soundly spanked.

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  1. I feel like I spend a large majority of my time wanting to be spanked. I love being called a good girl when I take it. Sexy story

  2. OMG, yes, yes, YES please. And also, I’ve been on a spanking bench with multiple hands and you can’t figure out who’s who, and it’s delightful. And I wanted it to go on FOREVER.

  3. nothing like a good spanking . I enjoyed this, thank you so much for sharing

  4. Oooofff! This part “Someone’s hand – it makes me drip that I can’t work out whose – is gripping my neck, and there is another hand on the small of my back” killed me dead. It’s all hot, but that really got under my skin. <3

  5. Not knowing who is touching you, that is such a super hot thought


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