Fucking his ass: pegging to put him in his place

Today’s erotica is for Kink of the Week, so includes a strap-on sex, pegging, and small penis humiliation, all with a female domination angle. It also partly based on some sex I’d like to be having this week, but as it’s very much hypothetical sex thus far, I’m sharing a little of the fantasy with you. I hope I have captured fantasy of fucking his ass in this post.

I have wanted to fuck his ass for a long time.

There are days when I remember this more strongly than others. It’s not the desire ever goes away, there are just times when I’m not thinking about sex, or about what his body would look like as he holds himself on all fours and forces himself to relax. I want to run my hands his spine, and whisper to him that I’ll go gentle… if he begs. I want him to feel exposed and vulnerable – maybe I would tell himself to spread his cheeks so I can see his cute little arsehole, and I’d laugh at him as he balances on his face and knees so he can reach back to spread himself open for me. They’re powerfully hot thoughts, ones that make me twist inside in that delicious way. Mostly I’m a submissive slut – and I admit that I’ve thought about sucking the same gentleman’s cock in embarrassingly public places

Then I remember, and for a day or two all I can think about is the noises he’d make as I instructed him to push back, impaling himself on my dick. And there are lots of things that make me remember.

Like when he says something just a bit too smug on Twitter. When he corrects someone’s spelling or vocabulary or says something particularly witty or clever and I hate how much it turns me on. In those moments I want to put him firmly in his place by fucking him roughly. I’d tell him to strip and open himself up with his own lubed-up fingers, and then scold him for being so slow and knock his hand away to do it myself. I wouldn’t hurt him, but I would be just a little too quick, my hands a little too cold, the dildo a little too big to make him comfortable. I want to remind him that no matter how intelligent and authoritative that he is in his everyday life, I can reduce him to a helpless little cock slut. When fucking him, I would be in control.

The idea of being in control is almost intoxicating in its appeal. I know I would be putting on a little bit of a facade, because I struggle with maintaining my dominant side when face-to-face with someone. At that point, all I want to do is melt into a puddle of arousal while being kissed, but instead I will pretend to be a mean girl, a dominant bitch, who wants to tease him and make him whimper. It would be so much fun, the chance to see if I can be a sadistic seductress. Could I really whisper filthy things to him as I fucked him? Could I give him pleasure while pegging him to take him down a peg or two? Could I make him come while calling him a pretty boy, a cock slut?

When I went to buy the dildo that I plan to fuck him with one day, I couldn’t stop smiling. Before I fuck him with it, I will explain exactly why I’d chosen that particular toy. You see, I’ve done my research, making sure I picked a dildo that would challenge him, really make him work to have me inside him, but that he would be able to take. I told the assistant who helped me to pick it out in the sex shop that I wanted to be sure to get a toy bigger than his own penis to fuck his ass with – at least, that’s what I’ll tell him. I think asking him if he’d find it humiliating-yet-arousing if I told him he has to measure my cock versus his before I’ll fuck him might be fun, and then deciding whether or not I’ll make him do so based on his response. Whether or not his cock really is smaller than other partners’, he’ll find it hot if I tell him the reason I have to fuck him, instead of the other way around, is because his cock is so small.

I thought of him, and of fucking his tight little asshole, when trying on waistcoats a few weeks ago. There are two ways to dress when you intend to ass-fuck a friend, do you go full-on femme, all lacy lingerie and calm, controlled grace to contrast with the cock between your legs, or do you go butch in a suit and boxers and boots, because you get off on the gender-fuckery and you want to see if it will push him just a little off balance? I think I’d probably go with the latter, making him wear a pair of my knickers to constrain his aching cock while I watch, stroking my silicone cock and describing exactly how I plan on fucking his ass.

One of the best things about this fantasy, which hits me like an orgasm when I remember it, is the idea that I’ll make him get on his knees to suck me off before I’ll fuck him. I find the idea of telling him that he’d better do a good job because that’s all the lubricant he’s going to get really hot (even if I would always use lube, no matter how thick the blow-job spit might be). I want to see him choke on my cock, in the same way that I’ve done on his.

I have wanted to fuck his ass for a long time, and soon I might get a chance to.

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If you fancy having a go at pegging a partner, I’m going to recommend these strap-on harness unisex briefs from Lovehoney – in my opinion the briefs feel more secure and sexier than just a harness and straps. Lovehoney also has some silicon suction-cup dildos that would work well with this harness, but remember to work up to pegging with patience, fingers, butt plugs and lots of (water-based) lube! 

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  1. Oh my sweet Lord, that is one hot story. *gans self*

  2. I’m a bit of a switch and while I’m way more dom than sub, sometimes I really enjoy giving control to the girl I’m with. I prefer to be pegged in missionary though with me on my back rather then bent over on all fours. I find watching a partner’s face as she lubes up my arsehole then slides her strap-on into me incredibly horny, easing it in, inch by inch, then thrusting, slow at first, then harder, faster, slapping my face, my belly and my fat,hard, throbbing cock, spitting in my face as she gives me a thorough pounding. I like her to leave me walking like John Wayne 😉

  3. We’ve played with this idea and done elements, but I’ve just shared this with my partner because the idea of her dressing up in her dinner jacket and force-feminising me is just fucking ridiculously hot!

  4. He’s let me- or, more correctly, instructed me – to use a strap-on with him. It was definitely not me being dominant! But it was…erotic, and I think about and wonder if we’ll do it again.

  5. You are an excellent writer, this is not my kink at all and whilst I don’t get off on it I can see recognize that it is a beautifully written piece


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