Hotel room fucking

A hotel room. Crisp, clean sheets. Soft, squidgy pillows. Everything is tidy and simplistic, and ready to make an absolute mess of with fucking. Lots and lots of fucking.

Last night I had sex.

Well, I kind of had sex. Is masturbation sex?

I would never say that a sex toy could replace a partner, but my Doxy gets me off with great efficiency and will never comment on how filthy or depraved the porn I get off to is.

I was prepared with some of my favourite erotic stories to read and some new sex toys to play with. I am going to jerk off until my clit is sore and I can’t come even one more time.

I would have liked to have hotel sex, pegging a sex friend with a strap-on or giving a messy blow job. But to be honest it had been a very long day, and collapsing in bed – alone apart from my own dirty thoughts – might have been just what I needed.

So let’s try again: last night I wanked a lot, and it was wonderful.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post, Quinn. How many times could I have written the exact same thing with the exact same result? Well, the toy would have been different, or just a hand. And, yes masturbation is sex. xo

  2. Great shot there is something sexy about clean crisp white sheets especially when you know what is going to be happening in the particular bed later on.

  3. I love how simple and yet how much this communicates. I hope you had all the sex you wanted, my friend.

  4. Oh to be in a hotel with my Doxy, to be able to just let go of everything and enjoy. This image is SO striking, so inviting!

    Rebel xox

  5. I love the simplicity of this image, such a clever shot


  6. ooh nothing better than crisp white sheets!

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