I don’t care about the cold

Today’s Masturbation Monday smut is – among other things – late. Also I’m not exactly sure that it can be called it counts as festive filth – perhaps it’s more accurately a stream of consciousness. But it’s just possible that it’s an arousing one.

What I need right now is your hands all over me.

I am aching for your touch. Screw the waterproof gloves that are keeping my hands from freezing, I want to hold hands with you. Fuck the warm scarf wrapped around my neck, I want you to bite into my throat and leave marks. To hell with the thermal layers we’re both wearing, I want to feel every inch of your body pressed right up against mine.

When I can’t have these things, it’s when I want them most. You know this. Sometimes you like to tease me with this, playing with my desire when we’re in public and social decorum stops you from showing the world that you own me. Every inch of me. I love and hate that game in equal measure, and you know that too. Today, though, we are surrounded by snow. It is cold stopping us from touching, and with every second my need for your hands on my body grows.

Touch me touch me touch me, my strong winter boots seem to cry with every step they take into the crisp, clean snow. It’s wonderful, of course it’s wonderful – spending a week in the alpsĀ together was my idea, after all. But when we were sitting in our living room at home, you casually groping my tits, planning snowshoe hikes to frozen water falls and snowboarding lessons because you admitted you’ve always wanted to try it, I forgot how my desire for you can overwhelm me. Like it is now, when we are surrounded by Christmas-card picturesque views of snowy mountaintops and wooden chalets and all I can think about is your hands.

Specifically, your hands on me.

We fucked this morning, but that has done nothing to dampen my desire for you right now. I want you desperately – your hands gripping the back of my neck or pinching my nipples or spanking my cunt. Somehow, it feels like however cold I would get if I stripped off and got down on my knees to beg you to fuck me, it couldn’t be worse than how my skin burns under my clothes, desperate for your touch. The light is sparkling off the snow, making everything too bright – a little like a dream. If this was a dream, I would wake to find myself in bed beside you, and would wriggle under the covers so I could wake you up with morning head.

I can’t shake off this need; I can’t put it aside to just be in this magical moment with you. Though maybe that’s why – can the alpine air stir up feelings of overwhelming horniness?Ā That, or maybe it’s the butt plug you decided I should wear today, just because it made me squirm and you smile.

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  1. Unf, I love that feeling when you want them more than whatever else might be stopping you from having what you want…including that damn social decorum that says you can’t strip them naked in public and get what you want.

  2. Such an honest blog post. Especially fitting now when the cold weather is embracing us. Sex and masturbation really helps!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I want you… Such sexy powerful words and despite the cold I’d want to fuck there too in the beautiful surrounding with the snow absorbing the sound of my cries.


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