Guiding your fingers inside

Sex can be intimate and sex can make you laugh. Today, I’m sharing a real-life snapshot from the sex I’ve had this weekend – wonderful, warm sex with an almost whimsical quality. I’m not sure how hot my description of the moment actually is, but the act of guiding someone into their partner’s cunt was so wonderful that I couldn’t not write about it.

I clip my nails – specifically, the first two fingers on my right hand – while I direct them into place. I can see the scene clearly in my head and their eagerness to help me bring it to life is incredibly satisfying. Luckily, the Greek goddess in the form of a cute-as-fuck bisexual had a penknife in her pocket that included a tiny pair of scissors. I was definitely not brave enough to put my fingers inside her without being sure I wouldn’t hurt her.

Not with her boyfriend watching me closely.

I sit, cross-legged, between her legs, which are spread open for me. We wiggle, shifting position until her legs are hooked over mine and her cunt is exposed right in front of me. For a second, I’m overwhelmed with nerves and excitement. They’re trusting me to be here, to do this, and that trust and their friendship means so much. The ease of touch between us is wonderful, but until now we’ve used it for teasing games of power dynamics and BDSM-laced sex.

What I want to do right now is build a different kind of moment, create a space where we can explore together. This requires a little more vulnerability from me. Despite that, I can’t stop smiling.

I spread her labia and lean towards her cunt, inhaling deeply. The rich tang of her arousal is intoxicating. I don’t look up to see who he’s watching – me or her. It is easy to find the entrance to her cunt and slip just one finger inside. She is warm and tight, and I gasp when I feel her cunt clench around me.

“Do that again, clench for me.”

She does, and I grin up at her with another delighted sound. My eyes flicker to him, and yes, he’s watching me as I finger his girlfriend’s cunt. We’ve discussed this before – even if I hadn’t set out my idea earlier, we’ve discussed this before. You see, I’ve never had anyone’s fingers inside me, so I have no idea what it feels like to experience someone touching my g-spot. But I have given a gorgeous woman several g-spot orgasms. He knows this.

Not that I ever take having my fingers inside someone for granted, but that makes this moment even more special. I explore her cunt, stretching my forefinger as far as I can to stroke and play with her. It takes exploration and questions until I’m almost certain that I’ve found what I’m looking for – the way she throws back her head and moans with her eyes half-closed when I gently thrust against it is confirmation that I’ve found a sweet spot even if it’s not her g-spot.

I confirm that I think he is a wonderful partner before I try and explain to him exactly where I’m touching her. It’s not that I know her body better than him, it’s that I’m bringing a different perspective and creating a setting where she has to give me the feedback I need to hone in. But fuck, it’s hard to direct someone to a vaginal sweet spot when you can’t feel what either of them are feeling. From her face I can tell he isn’t quite touching her in the way I did. I want her to close her eyes in pleasure again, and I want it to be him giving her that pleasure. I want to be the one to help them achieve that moment.

“Do you think you can take both of us at once?”

Sometimes the hottest moments are not the ones you have fantasised about again and again. Sometimes the hottest moments are simple. He pulls out his finger – longer than mine – and mine replaced it, though I am watching her suck her own wetness off his finger. I find the place again that made her moan, and he puts his hand beside mine, his finger playing at her opening. He tells her how wet she is, and she begins to reply but stops when his finger follows mine inside. I am guiding him, and his finger curves over mine until he’s touching the right spot.

I look down at both our hands, and I breathe in the smell of him and her and sex and trust. He kisses me, and we swap places so he’s between her legs. I pause for a moment, straddling her torso, to kiss her, then lie down beside her. He kisses her too, and for once there isn’t even a tiny scratch of guilt for taking that first kiss. I offer more suggestions, making my arms into strange shapes to try and give him a visual representation of the cunt he’s inside of. The noises she makes are so, so sweet, and I feel proud, because I am facilitating those adorable wee whimpers. I have a hand in her pleasure too, though not literally any more.

We could have sat there for hours, while I talked dirty and he gently fingered her to a g-spot orgasm. We didn’t, but we could have. And I got to suck her arousal off his finger when he pulled out of her again.

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  1. Okay, this might sound weird, but as sexy as this was (and it was) I found it magical and beautiful and awe-inspiring. I know it’s not compersion for y’all in the way the word is probably meant, but it gave me the same warm, happy, loving feeling I get for JB when he’s with other partners. I don’t know what that means, but I guess I’m telling you that this was absolutely moving to me. That you did that for her, for him, and for yourself.

  2. That sounds like a totally happy healthy sexy lovely way o spend an evening… TFS with us!

  3. This sounds like such a special moment between the three of you, a perfect mixture of romance and eroticism!

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