Blogger positivity: January’s shit

The title of today’s post is a reference to #ShareOurShitSaturday rather than a comment on the quality of the work I’m sharing. The blog posts I’m sharing today are – in my view – the fucking tits. Ready for a round up of some of January’s sex-positive shit, y’all?

Also yes, I also realise that it’s now February. But, so I can continue to ignore the fact that the first month of 2019 has already slipped through my fingers, can we all pretend it’s January for the few moments it will take you to read this post and click on the titles to take you to the work of these awesome sex bloggers?

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Your Loss

This piece is incredibly powerful. Molly talks about her pitch being rejected from a mainstream media outlet because of her age: apparently she is “too old” compared to their target audience – namely folks in their twenties and thirties. I would like to say, on behalf of my generation, that some of us do want to read your work Molly. I cannot speak for everyone, of course, but personally I have learned so much from you and view your knowledge and experience as invaluable.

Knkstriped – On Display

I fall in love with almost all of Zebra Rose’s work, but this blog post in particular sang to me in its searing hotness. Orgasm control, bondage, exhibitionism, threesomes… it ticks so many of my favourite kinky boxes, and leaves me desperate to be on my knees with a dominant (or two!) standing over me, asking the onlookers if they want to hear me squeal.

Sexology Bae – New Year, Real Me: 2019 + Big Honesty Energy

I admit that I came across this blog post entirely by accident due to late-night depression scrolling, but I’m really glad I did. While I’ve been following Alex for a while on Twitter, I shamefully hadn’t been reading much of her work, but I definitely will now after this impactful post about finding your voice, being your authentic self while writing and the fear of falling out of favour. I totally relate to giving up on waiting to see the voice you want to see in the world and stepping up to be that voice.

The Other Livvy – What Is Normal?

I’m really glad that Livvy (an Actual Proper Doctor™) joined in with the Menstruation Matters meme. I absolutely love her piece, where she discusses who the taboo around periods, vaginal discharge and other problems “down there” can lead to us putting up with huge amounts of pain and bleeding because we accept them as normal. And she’s completely right: we should be able to feel comfortable wearing white trousers during out periods, if we want to.

The Smutlancer – 5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed and Stressed

Whether or not you’re a sex blogger, this post by Kayla is a great one. Whatever deadlines or difficulties we face, I’m sure most of us have felt like a “human-shaped ball of stress” at some point or another. Kayla shares five things she does – while acknowledging that what works for her might not work for anyone else – that mostly fall under the heading of “be kind to yourself”, which is something  I struggle to remember when I’m stressed. (Also, the layout of her new website meant that even reading the article helped me feel calm.)

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