Swearing postbox

Today I’m gathering the courage to do something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, namely an exploration of what counts as “sinful” – because it’s subjective, right? I am going to play around with Molly Moore’s photography meme to do this: please forgive me for subverting its usual boundaries. I’ve really missed joining in with Sinful Sunday.

Something caught my eye the other day. A postbox, standing tall and red and proud, with a single graffitied word on it. Cunt. Or at least I assume, backwards ‘n’ aside, that is says cunt. Cunt. Cunt cunt cunt.

I grinned when I saw it, tasting the word as I said it to myself. There’s something satisfying about the word, which I’ve used again and again and claimed in some way. I am empowered when I use it to describe my own body.

Is the word in itself sinful? Is it sinful because it takes women’s bodies* beyond the anatomical, implying not only that we get fucked but that we are sexual beings, who fuck and who like sex and choose when and where and how to have it? Why is sex – and women owning their own sexualities – so forbidden? Is the idea that I can openly and unabashedly talk about my cunt really so scary?

Or is it only sinful to me, because all I want to do is wiggle out of my jeans and step out of my knickers and spread my legs? I want to shamelessly display my cunt, already wet at the thought of presenting it ready to be taken and fucked by anyone who wants to. Would someone less perverted walk past without a glance at the unapologetically outrageous word?

I walked on, thinking about being taking roughly from behind while I was braced against the postbox.

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*Quick aside: not all women have vulvas, and some folks who aren’t women do have vulvas. Gender isn’t binary and you should respect people’s bodies and pronouns. 

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  1. Yep you claimed it! I have no squeamishness about using this word either, but it does seem to have the ‘marmite’ effect doesn’t it? I like what you did here Quinn. (your fantasy sounds entertaining too!)

  2. I wonder if the “artist” could have thought something like this post would have been inspired.

  3. I love this word and I love my cunt. And I would totally have taken the picture too and probably thought about a fuck up against the post box

  4. Lol !!! . . . I would have taken a photo of it too . . .

    I love the sound of the word, in certain situations . . . though I don’t suppose it will ever make it from royal mail postbox to royal mail stamp !!!

    Xxx – K

  5. Great post Quinn, can’t help but wonder to whom the original “letter” was addressed and why.
    I am happy to use the word “cunt” in the anatomical context, like Miss Scarlet I find it nicely forthright.
    PS: Love the fantasy!

  6. The word cunt is one of my favourite to use. It has such power. I love contemplating how and why graffitti comes about.

  7. Cunt is one of my favourite words. I do t know why it’s seen as so offensive because cunts are things of beauty and should be celebrated!

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