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A woman's hands are shackled behind her back, in front of her naked arse. Photo.
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I have an exciting week ahead of me – though right now I’m a little nervous about whether or not it will live up to expectations. However, today’s Masturbation Monday smut is for a very cute girl who I get to see next week – I’m excited to spend time with her, even though I probably won’t get to see her naked and squirming while I describe how I’m planning on filling her fuck-holes.

Content note for orgasm denial. 

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I’m still working on my rope bondage skills, but the gorgeous submissive lying in the centre of the huge hotel-room bed doesn’t seem to be complaining. Of course, that’s partly because she has my panties stuffed in her mouth, so I can concentrate on tying her up. I love her running off her bratty mouth and earning up spanks for when I take her over my knee later, but I need to concentrate to get this right. Though it was worth spending hours mastering these knots to bind her arms behind her like this – with a long bit at the end for leverage.

Later I plan to use it to pull her back onto my sparkly cock while I fuck her with deep strokes. I want to get her close to the edge of her orgasm and hold her there, forbidding her from coming with a smirk while I pound into her g-spot. But for now… for now¬†she’s lying on her stomach, all trussed up and mine for the taking. She looks beautiful with the purple ropes against her dark skin, and her legs spread so I am sitting between them.

I trace a single finger down her spine. She flinches a little, even at the softest touch. I’ve been teasing her since we met in the coffee shop earlier, so it’s not a surprise that she is squirming, desperate for me to touch her. I gently part her labia, and I could swear that her cunt actually¬†pulses as I watch.

“You’re dripping wet, aren’t you little one?”

She moans in the gag, and I decide to grant her some mercy – or at least let her dig herself into a different hole. I remove the scrap of sodden lace from her mouth and kiss the back of her neck – gently at first, then with a scrap of teeth that makes her hiss.

“Want me to fuck you?” I ask, and she nods enthusiastically, rubbing her head against the duvet.

“What was that? Use your words little slut.”

“Yes,” she mumbles into the pillow.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Hmmm.” I tease her, holding my fingers at the entrance to her cunt. “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.”

She tries to push herself back onto my fingers, as difficult as that is with her arms bound together behind her. I pull them away quickly, pinching her butt instead. She yelps.

“Bad girl. If you want something inside you’re going to have to beg me. Beg me to fuck you like the dirty little girl you are.”

She begs, and it’s deliciously obscene. The filthy words flow out of her mouth, and she tells me how she is wet and desperate she is, and how she’ll do anything for me to put something inside her. She needs something filling her fuck-holes, and suggests several delightfully twisted things she’d let me do to her if I finger her right now. I grin in delight as she pleads me to fill her up and fuck her. I spit on my fingers, and again tease the very entrance to her cunt.

Then my finger – lubed up with more than my own spit, though she doesn’t know that – presses against her ass hole. Her breath hitches in her throat, and my cunt clenches in arousal at the power I have right now.

“What? You’ve been begging me and begging me to put something inside you. You didn’t say which hole you wanted me to fill.”

She whines, pushing her face into the pillow again.

“You want me to fuck you so badly… it would be so easy to pretend to misunderstand you and fuck your ass instead. I wonder if you’d moan louder? I have lube – though you’re so wet you hardly need it, I can just coat my fingers in your arousal and slide them into your ass. Your cunt could clench around nothingness while I use your ass. You’d be unsatisfied and empty but stretched and full at the same time. Would you like that, little slut?”

I can’t see her eyes, and something about the little whimpering noises she’s making makes me think I’m missing out. I flop down on the bed next to her, using two fingers under her chin to tilt her face towards me. Her eyes are wide with fear and anticipation. She looks so beautiful and vulnerable, and I can’t help leaning into kiss her. She melts into me, even though I’m kissing her at an awkward angle.

“Please,” she whispers again against my lips. I don’t think she even knows whether it’s a whimpered plea for me to follow through with my threat, or to not do so. Either way, I kiss her again before pushing up to continue with my plan of filling the fuck-holes of the little slut who begged so eagerly.

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