Blogger positivity: February’s shit

Once again, I’d like to confirm that the title of today’s post is a reference to #ShareOurShitSaturday rather than a comment on the quality of the work I’m sharing. Once again, are you ready for a round up of some of January’s sex-positive shit?

In keeping with posting January’s shit in February, I’m posting this on the first weekend in March – even though I helped myself out slightly by making a list of some of my favourite blog posts throughout the month this time! Please go and check out these brilliant bloggers’ wonderful work.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews – Menstrual Cups Might Help Save The Environment (But They Won’t Save Every User)

This post meant a huge amount to me, because I read it after having spent January consuming a lot of feminist media and feeling guilty that I use plastic pads when I’m on my period. The post talks about Emmeline’s realisation that menstrual cups are not always for folks with vaginismus, or abuse and trauma victims, and the importance of investing in other sustainable period products. Menstrual cups are brilliant but not something I can personally use, so I found this post extremely affirming.

Sex and Silks – Choose Your Own Adventure: Kink Dynamic Edition

This post was a truly brilliant read. Hermione Danger talks about how she’s been exploring her kink identity. As she points out, there is no One True Way to do any kind of kink or relationship. It really spoke to me, especially the line where she described her “very own bespoke D/s dynamic: Distinguished Professor/university student.” (And I’m now very curious as to whether she has any feelings about Remus Lupin.)

Exhibit Unadorned – 21 Days

I will admit that I might have ulterior motives for my interest in this post, but I’m pretty sure that even if I wasn’t personally invested in EA’s denial challenge I’d have like this post a lot. I’m definitely into reading about pretty boys struggling to hold themselves back from orgasm and all but asking all of their friends “to tease, torment, and generally mess” with him. It’s a utterly delicious post.

Mx Nillin – Silly is Sexy

I loved all of Mx Nillin’s February Photofest posts, but I think this one might be my favourite. Its message that sex doesn’t have to be totally serious – and that you should laugh, embrace the imperfections, and enjoy fucking in your unicorn onesie – is incredibly important. Giggly and fun and silly are all incredibly sexy, and the photo of them is extremely cute too.

Girl on the Net – If you’re reading this anywhere except, it’s stolen

GOTN has written several posts in the last few weeks that are worthy of being shared far and wide across the internet, but I’ve included this link today because people seem to not understand that credit and blog clicks should go to her. She’s a brilliant writer, and deserves people to not blatantly rip-off and repost her content. I really hope she manages to get the stolen content taken down soon.

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