Not button fly jeans

Since becoming part of the sex blogging community I have picked up a number of new kinks and turn-ons, including a pervy interest in button fly jeans. If forced, I could tell you the exact posts that showed me how incredibly hot button fly jeans can be – but sadly I don’t have any myself to recreate a particular photo with my new strap-on.

I took inspiration from this post for this photo, but I think I can safely make the claim that my cock is harder and redder than the one in the original photo. It’s probably not aching quite as much though, because the idea behind this photo recreation is making things harder (ahem) for a friend who is in denial right now.

Earlier this week, while trying to create the perfect hot butch look in a fitting room, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I’d taken off my shit and bra, leaving my tits on display and a tiny roll of squidgy flesh above the waistband of my jeans. I looked cute and sexy and happy, and I couldn’t help taking a few photos and sticking my hand down my knickers to play with my clit just a little. Recapturing this look for this photo means that no matter how terrible my photography is, or how scared I am about posting erotic photographs, I will smile when I publish this post on my blog.

It’s not only the new strap-on harness and gorgeous new dildo that I hope I’ll get a chance to use soon, it’s that I think I look incredible. I feel very powerful in this photo, even if these aren’t button fly jeans.

If you’re interested in buying the dildo or harness featured in this photo yourself, they’re the Temptasia Jezebel Silicone Dildo and Temptasia Harness Strap-on Briefs, both available from Peepshow Toys.

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  1. This is awesome! The look and THE HAND POSITION! The cute curve of belly. 100% feelz.

  2. I hope you get to use it too. I like your stance and the potential for fun the photo implies

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