Green grass and purple… anal beads

I’m thinking a lot about playful sex right now. I think a playfulness is incredibly important in any sex, and for me Sinful Sunday gives me a reason to be playful with my sex adventures – and my sex blog. Today, that playful adventure was sneaking my anal beads (which I had with me for… reasons) out of my bag so I could take a photo of the beautiful purple sex toy against the bright green grass.

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And my Liquid Silk lube, of course, because lube is important for butt stuff and anal play. I have edited and posted this photo while still sitting outside in the sunshine, and the brightness means I can’t actually see what this photo looks like. If this looks terrible, that’s going to be my excuse.

My purple anal beads and little bottle of Liquid Silk lube lying on some lovely green grass in the sunshine.

Please note that I do know how to take care of my sex toys, and I will not be putting these anal beads in my ass again until I’ve washed them.

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  1. Well the colors are lovely all together. Much fun to be had as well (after you’ve done your required washing, of course). ?

  2. Well you’ve done a wonderful job . . . and captured such lovely vibrant colours!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Pretty anal beads and I love the bright vibrant colours in this image


  4. I love the idea that you always have anal beads in your bag *just in case*… 🙂 And, yay for outdoor sex pics – spring is here at last…

  5. After the bomb cyclone that ravaged my area, I’m as excited by some sunlight as sex toys! Can’t wait until it’s warm enough for some of my own proper naughtiness, thanks for sharing yours!

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