Between two alarms

Today’s Masturbation Monday smut is a little self-indulgent, because it’s what I would have liked to happen to me this morning. On a day when I had to be open and upfront about my mental illness, both at the GP and at a further appointment, I wanted to wake up and be distracted for a few minutes from what I had to face by early morning sex.

I blearily grope my way across the expanse of pillow before I realise that it’s not my alarm that’s going off. I collapse back into the warmth of the bed, my partner already having reached out and stopped the piercing bleep that had pulled us from sleep.

“I thought you didn’t have to get up early today,” I mumble, snuggling back into her body as she wraps herself around me. I close my eyes, trying to forget that it’s only a few minutes until my own alarm will go off.

“I don’t,” she says, and even half-asleep I can still hear the smile in her voice. She kisses the nape of my neck. “But you do, and I know that today is going to be hard for you. I want you to face it with a reminder that you are loved.”

“You know it’s possible to show affection by leaving me a note or cooking me breakfast instead of waking me up even earlier than my alarm, right?”

“Ye-es.” She draws the word out, interspersing the single syllable with kisses up my neck until she’s sucking on the sweet spot behind my ear. “But then we don’t get to have super early morning sex.”

“I’d rather -” I begin, but find my words cut off as she pounces, shifting from slow seduction to complete control so fast that within seconds I’m lying on my back with her straddling my chest and pinning my hands down either side of my head.

“Don’t care.” She kisses me hard, biting my bottom lip. I moan against her, opening my mouth in an unspoken plea for more. My body suddenly feels much more awake. “Don’t care what you want. You’re mine. My sub and my slut and my pretty little fucktoy. And right now I want to show you that you are strong and loved and you’re going to fucking take it.”

Still panting from the kiss, I look up at her with wide eyes that hopefully express everything I can’t say right now. Dominants can’t read minds, but I know that right now she knows how grateful I am for this. She kisses me again, and the kiss is possessive and messy and makes my cunt wet.

She has clearly planned and prepared for this morning session, because she waists no time in instructing me to grab hold the headboard and spreading my legs. With my ankles hooked over her shoulder, I feel exposed but also safe. She teases me with gentle touches up and down my labia that make me shiver, and when she does rub my clit properly she combines it with pinching my right nipple. She doesn’t push me with the pain; she centres me with it, and continues to do so by spanking my cunt while she finger bangs me. I moan and squirm and enjoy how she plays my body with the practiced skill of someone who knows it inside out and is completely focussed on bringing me pleasure.

“Want an orgasm, dirty slut?” she asks after pulling her fingers out of my cunt to smear my juices over my cheeks. She laughs as my tongue darts out to taste my own wetness, and I nod eagerly. My body is greedy for her touch, but also for orgasms.

Her fingers move faster on my clit, and my eyes close in delicious anticipation. Instead she stops. I hear the schloosh of lube and open my eyes to see her lubing up the little metal butt plug with latex-gloved hands. The one I can wear all day without too much challenge but with total awareness that it’s there.

“I want to fill you so full of me that you can’t think of anything else,” she tells me, and she instructs me to take over rubbing my clit while she stretches my dirty little fuckhole – just a little – and then plugs my ass. When the gloves are discarded and her fingers are squeezing back into my cunt, I let out a sound that is close to a sob. It’s so good, and I feel so full, and I can no longer concentrate on touching myself because it’s all so much.

The orgasm is intense. It takes me a few minutes to catch my breathe, and I’m glad that she doesn’t stop touching me as she clears up. The warmth of her hands gives me a focus to put myself together around. When my alarm does go off, I feel not only awake but ready for the day ahead. I’m not expecting the smack to my ass when my fingers scrabble for the hook at the end of my butt plug so I can remove it though.

“Don’t take it out. I want you to remember this for the rest of the day.”

I pout at her, but the protest is entirely for show: I’m smiling as I pad through to the kitchen, the butt plug in my ass reminding me with ever step of our morning sex. It does so for the rest of the day, and I keep smiling.


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  1. Since your “self-indulgence” as you called it turned me on, let me just say…be as self-indulgent as you want. Always. Forever. Anytime.

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