Places I’ve thought about dick this week

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This week, I’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking about dick. Some might say too much time, but I feel it’s a totally valid both as a Smutlancer and as a sex nerd with serious horn. I don’t have anything clever or insightful to say today, so instead I’m sharing a list of all the places I’ve thought about dick this week.

These aren’t all explicit fantasies. It’s not that I’m not thinking about face-fucking, about choking on cock or spit trailing from my mouth to a taut, red, shiny dick. I’m thinking about all those things, plus about getting fucked from behind as someone whispers in my ear that my cunt is so wet it would be easy to push their hard dick into my tight asshole… ahem.

I’ve thought about all those things, but I’m also thinking about dick in more aesthetic terms right now. It represents all the sex I want to be having and all the sex I’m not having.

Once again, the ‘you’ I am talking to changes throughout this post. I have received quite a few dick pics this week, but they’re all from humans who have my consent to send these photos. Don’t send unsolicited photos of your genitals to folks of any gender, please – which includes sex bloggers, unless they’ve told you that they’d like to see them.

This week I’ve thought about dick…

  • In a meeting, when I’m meant to be concentrating on what someone important is saying but I can’t stop giggling in sheer delight because my phone has pinged with the arrival of a new photo of your deliciously hard dick.
  • In a museum, when I have to press my phone to my chest because you’ve sent me a photo of your dick. I slip behind a pillar to have a better look at it.
  • In a coffee shop, when I go in five minutes before they close and ask for a take-away coffee. The barista who serves me is perfectly polite, but I can’t help but think about her sneering at me, pierced lip curved, while she fucked my face with her strap-on.
  • In bed, when I’m still half-asleep but suddenly become a lot more awake when I open a message from you and it’s a photo of your dick and your chest covered in come.
  • In the supermarket, when I go to pick up a cucumber and imagine teasing you by comparing the vegetables to your dick. In my fantasy you blush, but later get your own back by fucking me so hard that every stroke of your dick feels like a punishment.
  • In Starbucks, when I left my laptop open when I went to the counter and came back to realise that I’d been looking at your blog and the screen was filled with a large cock shot.
  • In my kitchen, when I’m cooking dinner and stressing about an upcoming sexual health clinic appointment. You remind me that even if I’m scared it’s worth doing, and turn me on with the idea that maybe one day both of you could fuck me – one after another.
  • In my kitchen (still), when I’ve stopped cooking dinner because you have sent me some ridiculously hot photos of your arse and cock and I can’t do anything but stand there and look at them, my cunt twitching.
  • In my bedroom, when I flop down on to my bed because you’ve asked if I want to see something even more explicit than the lewds you’ve been sending me, and I’m touched by the idea that is both hot and sweet.
  • In a doctor’s waiting room, when I’m discussing whether coming on someone can be a submissive act. (It totally can be – I should write about this soon.)
  • In the park, when I’m lying on the soft grass and looking up at the trees above me. The air is warm and the light shining through the leaves falls softly on my face: the only thing that would make it better would be for someone beside me to pull my hand on to their crotch so I can feel their hardening dick through the denim.


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