Peach emoji personified ?

In the last few weeks, a personal goal I’ve been working on has involved me taking a lot more photos of my arse than usual. I’ve shared a few of these with friends, and I’ve had several comments on how delightful and peach-like my ass looks. The more I look at the photos, the more I agree with them: my butt looks pretty fucking fabulous.

So much so that I am confident to share this photo with only a few words – and an emoji. After all, I’m a millennial sex blogger, so it seems only right that my arse is personifying the peach emoji: ???

A black and white photo of my butt, looking especially peach-like, with a butt plug nestling inside me between my ass cheeks and a Doxy vibrator pushed against my cunt.

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  1. Always a happy occasion to see someone confident about celebrating their body. You’re right, that is a fucking fabulous peach and this is a wonderful angle and use of light for demonstrating that.


  2. Sweet Moses’ beard, this is gorgeous. Everything about this is beautiful.

  3. KP’s response cracked me up a bit, but I echo the sentiment. Your bum is very very lovely.

  4. Looks amazing, it is a very peachy pic. Thanks for sharing your hotness with us all.

  5. Super sexy and clever image with focus and light. Thank you for sharing it. And yay for ??? (I do now have an earworm – million’s of peaches. Peaches for me… )

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