Threesome lubrication

To understand why this photo is sinful, you’d first need to know that the wine bottle is one I’ve been saving for more than four months. The last sex I had before Christmas was totally unexpected, and I had given up all hope of group-fucking with these particular two cute humans when they ended up in my bed. Sometimes, one needs a little threesome lubrication.

Without the wine, I don’t think we’d have had sex that night. The alcohol made it a little bit easier for the awkward pre-fucking conversation you need to have with your ex-fuck-buddy and his new girlfriend before you all get naked. The sex we had that night was gentle and giggly and brilliant. I’ve held on to the bottle because it reminded me of the threesome we had night and the moments of seriously-fucking-hot-yet-also-tender sex that have followed it. Today I repurposed the bottle so I can hold on to it and the memories associated with it.

A green-glass empty wine bottle filled with tiny fairy lights, sitting on a shelf next to a gold Godemiche butt plug.

Please don’t use wine as lube. Buy proper lube, especially if you’re doing butt stuff, and specificallyĀ water-based lube if you’re going to be using silicone toys, like the beautiful gold Godemiche butt plug featured here.

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  1. Lots of thoughts on this one, as you know, but I love that juxtaposition of the pair of objects, like a sacred/profane visual pun, both echo each other in shape, but one has associations of romantic love, euphemisms, as you say, lubricating the wheels of desire and the other is just flat out sex toy.

  2. I liked this image even before I read your words – which then made me smile.

  3. I think this is a wonderful sexy keepsake and totally fitting for Sinful Sunday

  4. I love that you have repurposed this to keep those memories so much more alive. No chance of letting that memory slide below the horizon.

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