Adventures without knickers

I like adventures without knickers. Last weekend I took a flight to see my play partners, and – because it was a beautifully warm day, and because I am somewhat a kinky slut who likes a little hedonism – I didn’t wear knickers.

For this particular adventure, I wasn’t only not wearing knickers, but I was wearing a very short dress… Unsurprisingly, this added a certain sense of exhibitionism to my day.

There’s a blurry, vintage-ish quality to this photo that I really like. I mentioned last week that I’d been masturbating in an airport bathroom – something I do whether I’m wearing knickers or not, but it was too tempting to resist when I wasn’t wearing knickers and my dress was short. It doesn’t capture the wetness on my thighs, but it does make me smile.

Up-skirt view of my cunt. Photo.


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  1. That’s a really clever use of the idea of soft focus and the curve and shape made by your legs is soooo… gorgeous.

  2. A fabulous image, with the focus exactly where it should be. Love the soft feel to it 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. Goodness me this is insanely sexy. Everything about this is hot to me


  4. Fab composition and viewpoint and the soft focus works so well for how sensual this is.

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