I want to feel your come dripping out of my cunt

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Photo by Molly Moore, used with permission.

I’m currently playing with my vaginal dilators, which is in general a painful but super fascinating adventure. I definitely plan to blog about it more in the future – after all, what’s the point of having a sex blog if you can’t share your tentative steps into putting things into your cunt? Today, however, you get a stream of filthy thoughts directly from my cunt mind, because my current desire is to feel come dripping out of my cunt.

I wonder if come dripping out of my cunt would feel as good as lube does.

Exploration with my vaginal dilators requires lube. So fucking much lube. I spread a towel on my bed and still find wet patches on the sheets when I’m done. I drizzle copious amounts of lube all over my cunt and all over my smallest dilator – like water icing on a cake. I try to push the dilator inside myself while holding a vibe against my clit, and play around until my cunt is aching. When I stand up to tidy the toys away, I feel the lube slowly trickling out of me again and I wonder what it would be like if it was someone’s come.

This isn’t a thing I’ve really thought about before, because PIV sex – let alone PIV sex with a fluid bonded partner whom I’m comfortable with coming inside me – is completely off the table when it comes to my real-life fucking. When I can feel the lube working it’s way out of my cunt, however, I can’t think about anything else. And it feels so good. I’m still connecting with my cunt, so how it feels good is inexplicable right now, but it does give rise to a whole new set of fantasies…

I want to feel someone’s cock twitch inside me, as they empty come into my cunt. I want the come to drip out of me as I attempt to forget how good their dick felt inside me, because if I keep thinking about it I won’t be able to think about anything else. I want the come dripping out of my cunt to be a reminder of all fuck we’ve just had, and a promise for all the fucks we will have.

I want someone to fuck me in the morning, and send me about my day with my knickers pulled up tightly against my cunt, which is full of their come. Not only will the knickers rub against my aching clit, but when I get home they’ll be soaked with my wetness and their come. They can stuff them in my mouth while they use their fingers to make me come again and again, until I’m all but screaming through the balled-up cotton.

I want someone to come in me just because they can, because they have me all tied up and can fuck me however they want. Their will act as lube for the bigger toys they push into my holes, while telling me how cute I struggle and beg and whimper. They fuck me with glass dildos and silicone dicks, and they tease me for how turned on I get at the sound of my cunt squelching as they play with me. They fuck all of their come out of me with the toys, and then come inside my much-used cunt again.

I want someone to come in my cunt, and later see it beginning to leak out when I’m leaning over the kitchen table later. I’m dressed only in their t-shirt, and the sight of my cunt-lips framed by the soft material and come-drizzled thighs are too much for them to resist. They bend me over a kitchen chair, telling me to brace myself, and fuck me again in short, fast strokes. They want to make me into an even messier little slut.

I have a confession to share: I slathered my cunt with lube and used my dilators right before writing this post. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put a pair of knickers on and prance around imagining that it’s someone’s come that’s dripping out of my cunt. When I’ve made myself come by rubbing my clit through my lube-soaked knickers, I’ll publish this post.

And then I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about come dripping out of my cunt.


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Today I’m going to suggest that you all go and buy some lube – or order you to, if that’s more your kink. Whether you want to grab some lube to fuck inside yourself or to fuck someone else, you can buy my favourite water-based lube – Liquid Silk – from The Pleasure Garden.

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  1. Oh this is fucking hot. Filthy being used fantasies are completely my jam. Delicious.

  2. that made me smile and put a twitch in my pants at the same time!

    Nice job! Thank you for that.

  3. Going to work still with the come inside you is a hot thought but I do think it would drench more than just your knickers. 😉 When I was young – prob your age I used to love it when “he” came in me. And the memory of what happened would be re-enforced as the come dribbled out. But as I got older I liked it less – that’s my problem thou and perhaps something I will write about. 😉

  4. These are delicious fantasies, they resonated with me. The being used and causing someone to feel insatiable desire to keep fucking me pressed all my buttons, as did the memory of a good fuck making me feel horny all over again.

    I hope your journey with the dilators continues to be successful, take it as slow as you need, there is likely to be great pleasure ahead if you persevere at a very gentle pace.

  5. This was hot! I loved following your thoughts there. I personally find cum to become more sticky than runny with time, and the just clogging things up. But oh gosh, it dripping out right after a fuck, is really delicious! Good luck on your continued lubey journey with the dilators!

  6. THIS was deliciously sexy.

    I *want* to be the type of person who enjoys the feeling of fluids dripping from my cunt, but I have a serious THING about body fluids from another person on my skin — I have no idea why but it’s a thing. After JB comes, I clean up — quickly.

  7. I have no idea why this is so hot, but it really is.

    I haven’t come inside anyone for years. The last time I did, she fell asleep soon afterwards and I watched my cum leaking out of her as she dozed.

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