After the rain

Today it rained and that gave me an idea for an awesome Sinful Sunday photo. I got soaked in the rain, but it made me feel wonderfully alive and in need of adventures. And taking the photo I had in mind was definitely going to be an adventure, because I needed a willing accomplice to make the photo a reality.

I found an enthusiastic partner in crime in Sparrow (@luminiferous, who blogs at Brave Red Lipstick) and they took this brilliant photo of me – possibly my favourite ever might photo of a naked Quinn! There is something delightfully playful about this photo, and I had to strip off somewhere slightly risky to capture my idea. It was an amazing adventure, and by the time found a hidden spot to take the photo, it had stopped raining.

Amazing things happen after the rain.

Naked woman facing away from the camera surrounded by greenery, with a rainbow umbrella on her shoulder. Photo.


Sinful Sunday

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  1. Yay! So glad you had an adventure and even more glad you shared with us! What colors, and your sexy figure fits right in!

  2. With the rain comes a beautiful rainbow, love the colours, love the cheeky bum photo.

  3. This shot couldn’t have been executed any better…the color and natural beauty of both you and the setting is mesmerizing!!

  4. Such a brilliant shot. The composition, colour and cute butt. Awesome and brave to do it and get the shot.

  5. This is SO good! Love the colorful umbrella, the contrast of it against the greenery, as well as those amazing legs and that incredible ass. You were right, this one definitely made me smile! So glad that you had such a great experience with having this taken xoxo

  6. This is an awesome shot! Love the colourful umbrella, the vibrant greens and your beauiful skin. How brave of you to strip off!

  7. Such a great idea for a photo and full of playfulness! That burst of colour is glorious on a grey day.

  8. This is so completely perfect and you have the most adorable little bottom.


  9. Stunning. The colors are gorgeous and your bottom and the bare lines of your body are so delightful!

  10. I totally love this image! It has something secretive to it, and your butt is really cute! I can almost smell the air after a summer rain!

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