My first bruise (from butt punching!)

Earlier this week, my fuck-buddy was delightfully sadistic and (consensually) hurt me a lot. He was almost scarily dominant and he hit me hard and repeatedly. He left me with an tender arse that reminded me of him with every single step I took the next day and – when I looked in the mirror that evening – a hard-earned bruise. My first ever bruise from impact play.

Maybe I’m not a pain slut or masochist, but the pain he dealt out made me greedy for more. Butt punching (for reasons that probably have to do with my g-spot) is incredibly pleasurable as well as painful – in fact I think it’d be possible for me to orgasm just from perfectly landed punches on my left butt cheek. The throb of pleasure with each thud of pain means I could relax and breathe into the beating. I took more pain than I have in any other impact play scene, and was rewarded with the lasting marks to prove it.

So I am proudly showing off my first bruise – just looking at it makes me smile.

Nails dig into the left butt-cheek and pulls them apart to show a bruise on their bottom. Photo.

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  1. HUGE fan of butt punching too. That intense thud through me is such a turn on


  2. Congrats! I’m a huge fan of punching and closed fist hitting in meaty safe spots like butts, too.

  3. I freaking LOVE butt punching! Unfortunately, I don’t bruise from impact play, I only bruise from squeezing really hard and only in certain places. Great picture!

  4. Butt punching… now there is something I definitely need to explore more. Lovely bruise!

    Rebel xox

  5. I’ve never tried butt punching but bruises is one of my hard limits, so I don’t know if I ever will as I bruise really easy ? Glad to hear you had a great experience with it! ?

  6. Beautiful bruise. Have never experienced butt punching but now I am curious.

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