Humiliating orgasms: blushing while you come

A woman with a short afro covering her eyes in embarrassment while smiling. Photo.
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The current Kink of the Week topic is humiliation, which delighted me but also presented me with a slight conundrum. This is because I write a lot of light degradation and squirmy embarrassment – and I haven’t totally figured out the subtle differences between these, so please excuse me if I use them without nuance – in my filth. How could I chose just one aspect of humiliation to write about? Instead of one big, coherent post, I’m offering four short vignettes about humiliating orgasms.

“You can come, but only from humping my boots.”

My face burns with shame, and if my mouth wasn’t held open by a ball gag I would beg. As it was, I simply drool on to the carpet as I firmly shake my head. Not that it makes a difference, because after an afternoon of teasing in in front of our friends there was no doubt that I was going to obey my dominant’s order. Or at least do my best to: while they love watching me pathetically hump my pillow, I still struggle to actually come like that – something which amuses them to no end. I’ve never had to grind my cunt against something for their sadistic glee in front of other people before, and if I wasn’t already flushed from their tormenting I would at the idea about our friends seeing me behaving so wantonly. But after having been inspected and put through my paces while serving afternoon tea, I’m desperate to come in whatever twisted way I’m allowed to. Our friends are eating petit four and drinking tea, but the chatter dies away as I crawl across to them and straddle their stretched out boot.

“What kind of a slut would come like this, while someone is fucking your throat and someone else is spreading your ass open? Also, we’re still going to fuck you, even if you come.”

Her presence encouraged zir to push me further, and I love it and hate it in equal measure. She teases me, telling me that if I didn’t want it – if I didn’t want them to pry me open and fuck me from both ends – my cunt wouldn’t be so wet. I blush and wiggle and when ze start rimming me she sticks her fingers in my mouth to shut me up. It’s even scarier when she’s behind me, though, grabbing my hips and pushing me onto zir cock. I know ze won’t choke me, but the way they talk about me as they use me makes me red with embarrassment. They discuss every inch of my body and all the ways they will fuck me as she slowly works my tight asshole open. I start whimpering around zir cock when she has three fingers in my cunt and two in my ass, and ze knows that I’m on the edge of an orgasm. And ze do exactly what ze know I want, choking me on zir cock as I come. My body shudders and stills, but they don’t stop fucking me. In fact, they fuck me harder, as though I’m a toy and my pleasure doesn’t matter at all.

“No, I’m not going to undo your hands, but you do have permission to come.”

I’m smirking cruelly because even though being the mean girl feels like a role, it’s a fun one to play with. And I do take a sadistic delight in fucking his ass while his cock leaks and I remind him that he can’t come without permission. Today I took him from behind, after cuffing his hands behind his back. Not only do the cuffs look beautiful, but they allow me to pull him back on to my dick while I’m fucking him. They also mean that he can’t support himself with his arms, so his face rubs in an undignified manner on the sheets while I peg him. Usually I’d make him hold the edge of his orgasm for an excruciatingly long time before coming all over my hand, but today I want him to have an even more humiliating orgasm. I pull out, and I explain how he can rut against the sheets if he really wants to get off.

“You’re allowed to come if you think you can with everyone looking at you. And don’t you dare close your eyes.”

She has me strapped to a St. Andrews cross and is spanking my cunt. My poor, denied cunt, which has been ruthlessly teased and edged over the last week. While she’s right, and I do beg for more pain when I haven’t come for a while – desperate to earn my withheld orgasm and able to take more when every strike is makes my skin tingle and my clit throb. But when her fingers pushed into my needy cunt, I was expecting her to be merciful and let me come – clenching around her fingers while she dragged her nails down the marks on my back and arse and thighs. Instead she helped me from the spanking bench to the cross, so my legs were spread and I was force to look at her evil grin as she played with my cunt. She finger-fucked me until I was dripping on to the floor, and then pointed out what a messy slut I was. When I was suitably mortified and fighting to close my legs, she had begun spanking my cunt. My whimpering yelps had quickly drawn a small crowd, and now she’s going to force me to come in front of them just from her hand punishing my cunt.


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This post was brought to you by the We-Vibe Tango which was (I think) the vibrator I used the first time I fucked at a sex club. It’s waterproof, body-safe, shaped for pin-point vibrations on your genitals’ sweet spots!

My first bruise (from butt punching!)
Super turned on and unable to come

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  1. You have left me utterly speechless but burning with desire…unnnnfffff!!

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