Wearing my fuck buddy’s boxers

I love wearing boxers. I own a couple of pairs myself, and am always delightfully aware of my body when I slip them on before pulling on jeans. Boxers make me feel sexy and powerful in a way that the underwear I wear every day doesn’t, and I love the thrill it gives me. They allow me to fuck with gender and societal expectations in a way that I get off on, as well just making me hot because they make me think about sex all. day. long. But there’s something even dirtier (and thus delicious) about wearing my fuck buddy’s boxers.

Last time my fuck buddy came to stay he left me a gift: the pair of boxers he’d worn the day before and slept in. The ones he’d put back on after we fucked.

Him deliberately leaving behind his boxers felt like him leaving a love note of sorts – in the same way that he has pissed on me in the past. He accepts my perversions and joins me in exploring them, and he knew that the first thing I’d do upon discovering his boxers was to inhale the smell of his cock that still clung to them. I burrowed my face in them and breathed in the smell of our fucking – it was heavenly.

I could have spent forever taking these photos – and wanking because I feel so fucking sexy when wearing them. There is something filthy about sticking my hand down the front of them to jerk off – even a week or so later they still smell like him. And now, of course, they smell like my cunt too. They were enticingly wet when I took them off this evening…

They might be my fuck buddy’s boxers, but they look much better on me, right?

A woman wearing boxers lies back on a bed. Photo.

I checked with Violet before joining in with her sex blogging meme, because while I feel far sexier in boxers than in lingerie, I didn’t know if it would be twisting the rules a little too far. However, she gave my enthusiasm for boxers the go-ahead, so I’m joining in with Lingerie is for Everyone for the first time! (With lots of ideas of more gender-fuckery lingerie-ish photos to share soon…)

Lingerie is for everyone


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  1. It always feels amazing when a partner leaves behind something that smells like them, feels like them, that you can wear. And you really DO look great in those boxers!

  2. So much YES! This is why I love #LiFE because we get all the lovely undies on all the lovely bodies and it makes me smile so much 🙂

  3. I really love this post and I’m so glad you jumped in! Lingerie can be underthing! We’re not here to follow the rules, we’re here to express ourselves. I look forward to more undies gender fuckery in the future!

  4. Love this post and oh my you look so sexy in these undies


  5. I love when their smell is still so potent on clothing, sheets, towels. And, yes, those boxers look terrific on you ?

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