Library fucking: get down on your knees

Libraries are sacred places to me – they always have been. But their sacredness makes any potential sex that might happen in them even hotter – it’s illicit because it’s forbidden. If you’re in a library, you shouldn’t be fucking. You shouldn’t jerk off while muffling your moans by biting down on your first. You shouldn’t spread your legs and try to pretend you’re reading the book in front of you while someone pushes their fingers inside you. You shouldn’t get down on your knees so you can choke on cock.

In lieu of fucking in a library this week, I got my tits out in one instead. I may have forgotten that it’s prompt week, but I’ve had a long (and hellish) week so I’m forgiving myself for that and hope y’all will too. Besides, I did get down on my knees to take this photo.

An old style photo of a woman's dress pulled down to expose her tits. Photo.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. A library of all places! Shh. We get to see a lovely cheeky image of breasts though so well done

  2. Knowledge is so sexy, definitely including the carnal kind!

  3. Definitely need something to stifle the moans.

  4. Oh yes, libraries and churches give me the same dirty thoughts


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