Sex toy review: SVAKOM Siren

Fish-shaped vibrator with it's double tongues and rounded head. Photo.

I’ve only written a handful of toy reviews, and honestly I’d never heard of SVAKOM until they reached out to me. A quick poke around their site, however, showed me that they do have some products that imply they live up to their claims of making “innovative” and “high-end” sex toys. I was enthusiastic when they offered to send me a vibrator to review: namely the new-ish SVAKOM Siren.

Initial thoughts

The Siren arrived from SVAKOM in discreet packaging – though probably with slightly more packaging around the toy itself than strictly necessary. However, the vibrator’s sleek, geometric shape instantly grabbed my attention. The toy’s ‘full name’ is the Siren Intense Double Tongued G-Spot and Clitoris Vibrator, and it’s the ‘double-tongues’ (designed for clitoral stimulation) that give the vibrator its unique shape. It’s a double-ended vibrator, with the rounded-handle-end opposite the flickering, fluttering tongues also able to vibrate and built for g-spot stimulation.

Looking closer

The red-pink silicone vibrator in it's packaging. Photo.The Siren has a host of super useful features – including a travel lock! Pressing both of the buttons down for five seconds activates its travel lock, so it won’t accidentally turn on if you’ve buried it at the bottom of your handbag. It’s also fully waterproof. TheĀ Siren comes with a charging cord designed to be plugged in on the body of the vibrator opposite the buttons that are used to turn it on and off, which is compatible with any USB plug-head.

The vibrator can run for three hours on two hours of charge, and while I haven’t tested that yet, I was delighted when I found I could turn it on straight away. While that’s probably not a make-or-break factor if you’re trying to decide whether or not you should buy the Siren, but it’s one that my greedy, wants-a-vibrator-on-it-now clit appreciated. I was excited to get right into testing it out…

In use

I wasn’t sure what to make of the double-tongues feature of the Siren – until I pressed it against my clit. The vibrations were unlike anything else I’d put on my clit, but their intense, fluttering vibrations really worked for me. I didn’t manage to come while using it – but that has more to do with my own relationship with my body right now, rather than the effectiveness of the vibrator. In fact, the Siren reduced me to a squirming, giggly mess that suggests it’s a really good vibrator.

Close-up of the vibrator's dual-tongues. Photo.Of course, that comes with the important caveat that it’s a really good vibrator ‘for me’ – though I think the Siren’s design gives flexibility that could make it work for lots of different folks’ genitals. It also felt great on my nipples, and while it’s designed for clit stimulation I imagine it would also be used effectively on dicks or other sensitive erotic body parts.

The Siren also boasts a ’rounded head for smooth insertion’, which I couldn’t test out because of my vaginismus. While it doesn’t specify that it’s for vaginal play, the Siren’s lack of flared base makes it unsafe for anal play. I did have a lot of fun contrasting the flickering tongues with the deeper vibrations of the more solid head. There is a flexible ‘bend’ between the vibrating ends of the Siren, which means it’s possible to press the tongues against your clit and the rounded head against your vaginal opening or perineum – something I had a lot of fun exploring.

The Siren has two buttons – one which controls the toy’s vibrating tongues and one which turns on the vibrator in its rounded head. Holding down the button closest to the end you want to use for five seconds will turn it on or off – though there is a delay of several seconds when you go to switch the toy off.Ā  There are a large number of vibration settings (three different settings for the double-tongued end; five settings at five different intensities in the rounded head) but no way to scroll back through them or ‘reset’ without turning the vibrator off and on again. The toy’sĀ built-in motors give reasonably strong vibrations, and I suspect either end would offer enough clitoral stimulation for folks with vulvas to use it to get off.

Care and cleaning…

The red-pink vibrator lies on top of it's grey storage pouch. Photo.With a habit of smelling everything – especially my own cunt and things that have been rubbed up against it – it’s not surprising that I had a quick sniff of the Siren. It had a somewhat chemical smell – not like what I’d expect silicone to be like. However, my worries about the materials in the Siren were put to rest by seeing that fellow sex-toy reviewer Submissive Feminist has already performed the flame test and confirmed that it is made out of silicone.

This means that cleaning the Siren is straightforward, especially as it’s waterproof. Washing it with water and soap between will work, but as it’s a vibrating toy you’ll need to soak them in a 10% bleach solution to sanitise it fully. It comes with a little toy pouch to keep it clean, which also – and more importantly, for me at least – means the toy can be kept with its charging cord. (My toy box is a mess, folks.)

Overall impression…

Don’t you love it when a toy really surprises you? The SVAKOM Siren did, because it’s not a toy I would have ever bought for myself I had a lot of fun reviewing it. I’m already planning a slew of ways I can incorporate it into edging and orgasm denial play in my future kink adventures. The smooth, symmetrical design of the Siren is very visually appealing, and I think folks with all different genitals could enjoy the double-tongues flickering vibrations. It’s a versatile toy which could be used in a number of ways, and slots into a space I didn’t know I needed to fill in my sex toy collection.


Thank you to SVAKOM for sending me the Siren and sponsoring this review. All writing and opinions are my own, and all photos in this post were taken by me.Ā 

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