Bondage rope, butt plugs, and a book festival

Today I concluded a ridiculously busy four days by – predictably – entirely missing the book festival event I had a ticket for. However, that was far from the lowest point for me in the last twenty-four hours…

I always feel so grateful for my queer and kinky friends and play partners, especially on days when I’m really struggling. Giggling my way through a picnic in the sunshine while people I care about discussed butt plugs, bondage workshops and bisexual visibility more than made up for missing the book festival talk. I felt calm and cared for and capable of getting through everything that life throws my way.

A trio of butt plugs and a coil of colourful rope sitting on top of a book festival programme. Photo.

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is run by the wonderful Molly Moore – click the kiss for more sins…

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Desperate wanking while they dare me not to come
His teasing, their cock: an alleyway blow job


  1. Sorry you missed the festival but glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful time with friends xx

  2. Aw, it’s great to have such good people in you life. sometimes things don’t go to plan, but it sounds like you had a grand time even so 🙂

  3. We all need good people around us, I’m glad you have some. That looks like a great ‘picnic’ of fun toys x

  4. Thank gods for good friends! It’s the only reason I’ve gotten through this summer.
    Two questions: do you like those plugs? I’ve got an Ambit which I love and an Adam that is too freaking girthy for me, but none of their plugs, yet.
    Also, where is that rope from, it’s absurdly beautiful.

  5. That is a fine collection of butt plugs you have there


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