Dildos for decoration

Recently I had hotel sex for the first time, after a number of solo hotel wanking adventures. I checked in, had a luxurious bath and a lovely nap – but not before digging into my sex toy bag and pulling out some dildos for a little decoration. After all, what are the little alcoves either side of the bed’s headboard for if not displaying sex toys?

I loved how well the dildos fit into the probably-not-designed-for-dildos spaces (though that’s not the only place we proved they could fit that night…).  It also amused me that the dildos I’d brought with me matched not only the art above the headboard but the stripy strip of blanket on the bed. It almost looked like the hotel had come with these dildos, as personalised decoration for its pervy occupants.

I’m not sure if the cute human who came back to my hotel room with me that evening noticed the dildos immediately (in their defence, there may have been other things distracting them…). They did, however, laugh when I pointed the dildos out, and they appreciated how they were so close to hand for use in our kinky fucking.  They didn’t make a dick-oration pun though, so I obviously had to do that in sharing this photo with you folks.

A hotel bed with a red and blue painting above it, and red and blue dildos in the little alcoves at either side of the headboard. Photo.

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  1. I recognise that bed and stripes . . . Lol !!!
    And yes those little cubicles are so handy for temporary storage aren’t they!!!
    Your post has brought back some fun memories . . . love it !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Creative use of a hotel room, I will never view one the same again.

  3. I can’t believe how the colours all fit so perfectly. It really is like their were meant to be part of that room


  4. Ys. I probably wouldn’t have noticed them, they fit so well into that room.

    Better than a Gideon’s bible, though.

    Fun image!

  5. Congrats on your first non-solo sexual encounter in a hotel. Those dildos much have brought you luck!

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