7 seriously hot hotel sex sounds

A luxurious hotel room bed with plump pillows, purple sheets and a thick strap-on dildo. Artwork.
Artwork by Violet Fawkes.

A recently kinky adventure confirmed something that previous hotel stays had only confirmed: hotel sex is fucking brilliant. But while there are many delightfully filthy highlights from my first adventures in hotel sex, what I really remember are all the sounds.

Content warning: Light CBT and strap-on sex. This post also contains affiliate links. Credit to the fabulous Coffee and Kink for the name of my mini-series of sex-positive listicles.

Some of my favourite hotel sex sounds include…

#1: Me jerking off my strap-on dick

The sound of me jacking off my strap-on dick, because between the rolled-on condom and a generous schloosh of lube my hand was slick against the dildo. Jerking off with the tip of my cock pressed against their asshole, teasing with the idea that maybe I wouldn’t fuck them after all, was incredible fun. Sometimes using a silicone dick feels awkward, but at that moment it felt like an extension of my body, and that I really could come all over their face if I wanted to.

#2: My whimpers as they dommed me

The sounds I made as I knelt in front of them – looking up at their cruel smirk with pleading eyes – were obscene. After stepping on me and kicking me with their oh-so-hot leather boots, they made me kiss them and unlace them before issuing a delicious mind-fuck of a challenge: now hold them for me, little slut. I had to kneel with my arms straight out to my sides, a boot in each hand, and them promising pain when my muscles became too sore to keep holding them up.

#3: Their moans as they rode me

The sounds of pleasure they made as they sat on my dick were amazing. We really put my Temptasia Harness Strap-on Briefs to the test during our hotel fuck, first with my red dildo and then with the Godemiche Adam. With them riding me, it was easier for them to angle my dick against their prostrate and set the pace – I could lie back and watch their gorgeous expressions as they got off on fucking themselves on my cock. I did my best to keep up a slew of filthy commentary, but their blissed-out moans were very distracting.

#4: Our orgasms

The sounds of our orgasms didn’t happen simultaneously, or even back-to-back, but they were still incredibly hot. First they came, their hand moving on their cock in the same way it had when I’d order them to show me how they touched themselves earlier. I sat between their legs, having just been spanking their balls, and watched spurts of spunk cover their chest. Then it was my turn, and I read porn on my phone while squirming on top of my Doxy, enjoying the fact that they were watching.

#5: Them beating my ass

The sounds of their fist, beating my ass were wonderful – and maybe more so because we’d discussed how I wanted them to hurt me. My worries that I couldn’t take enough to satisfy the sadist in them were addressed, and I got down to the seriously enjoyable business of bending over the bottom of the bed so they could give me the deep, thuddy hits I craved. And of course, we went from butt punching to them fingering my ass, which started off a whole new series of sounds…

#6: My pervy pleasure in the smell of their ass

The sound I made when I spread their arse-cheeks and inhaled has apparently given my partner a whole new kink. Maybe this is the dirtiest of all our hotel sex adventures, because their ass smelt absolutely amazing even though it wasn’t fresh-from-the-shower clean. My ‘oh fuck‘ of pervy pleasure couldn’t be held back: it was an entirely involuntary reaction to having smelled something so good. Luckily, they didn’t seem to mind my enthusiasm for sniffing their ass.

#7: Our stomachs smacking together as I fucked them

The sound of our stomachs smacking together was wonderfully intimate. It was a little awkward – is first time strap-on anal topping every not at least a little awkward? – and we were working together to find a rhythm that worked for us both. I forget every time how much effort and energy goes into fucking someone in that way, but I’m definitely not opposed to the sweat and grunting it can produce. Those sounds are hot, but the sweetness of the moment seemed to be perfectly captured by the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.


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  1. Some seriously hot sounds, perfectly described. Thank you hotel room anonymity!

  2. Adore this post. Hotel sex is something so special. I love the trying out the firmness of the bed. The smell of the crisp sheets. The shower and ideas of bathroom fun. Strap on fun is something my partner and I love. It’s always fun to try new things. I look be how hot it gets me

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