I want to make you hard (messily, imperfectly)

Spread legs reveal pubes, a pink cunt, and a green sparkly butt plug. There is lube-y mess everywhere. Photo.

I love how I can make you hard. It’s a playful kind of power, one I yield with enthusiasm and an innocent smile that doesn’t fool anyone who knows how filthy I really am. But when I’m trying to make you hard – with words and photos and teases –  I often feel compelled to hide the fact that sex can be messy.

Content warning for mention of mental illness and body dissociation. I apologise once again for taking a loose approach to the Sinful Sunday prompt, but I had taken these photos and am too impatient to wait to share them. 

Earlier this week I posted my review-with-a-twist of Sheets of San Francisco’s fluid proof sheets, where I explored whether sheets that would protect my mattress – no matter how messy the sex became – would help me relax into using my vaginal dilators. My adventures with lube and piss were fun, but they also prompted a lot of thoughts about the pressure I put on myself to be perfect.

As much as I’d like to pretend it doesn’t, that pressure follows me into sex. My vaginismus and depression like teaming up to gang up on me, and sometimes sex is hard. Not-able-to-relax-while-someone’s-giving-me-oral hard, when my body is anxious and I can’t relax into the sensations. I’ve been trying to spend more time remembering that sex should be fun.

Because sex should be fun, right?

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that, to remember that sex should be messy and imperfect and fun. It feels vulnerable to share my messy, imperfect self, even though I know that the folks I love won’t notice my flaws. It’s ok to cry, to need someone to hold, to feel completely dissociated from your own genitals. Fucking is messy and imperfect – with tears and lube and come and shit and blood and condom wrappers splattered and strewn across everything – and that doesn’t make it less fun.

Fucking includes farting. It includes giggling. It includes making strange faces when you come. It includes unusual sounds of pleasure and inappropriately timed puns and kisses where your teeth crash together painfully. It includes all of these things and it’s still fun.

In the spirit of embracing my messy imperfections, I’ve taken some photos on my fabulous fluid-proof sheets that hopefully capture how fun, filthy, and flawed fucking can be. After all, Sinful Sunday photos also don’t need to be perfect either. And I hope they’ll make you hard. I want to make you hard – messily, imperfectly. I want to make you hard without hiding any of me, and I love that I can.

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  1. Mission accomplished, Quinn, you usually do have that affect on me.

  2. This is so wonderful. Honestly, for me, the messier I can make someone, and the messier the make me the more fun and sexy I think sex is. It also perfect in how ridiculously imperfect it and I love that about fucking. Your post is a fabulous share and if a lady boner counts as making someone hard then mission accomplished here too 🙂

  3. I don’t really mind messy as long as an enjoyable time is had. It’s also good to remind people that sex isn’t perfect and that is absolutely fine.

  4. Yes sexy is messy and I love that. Sweat and juices and cum and lube and all that good stuff. I am the person who will happily sleep in the wet spot and sniff the heady aroma of our sex the next morning with delight. I love that you are discovering and embracing all these things


  5. You are right in that sex is messy and it definitely isn’t perfect. I struggled with that before now and am glad that I am able to be more intimate with HL as the intimacy and openness makes a huge difference to being able to relax and let go. 😊

  6. Sex can definitely get messy and I don’t mind that. It is the clean up that is a bit tedious 😛

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