Vulnerable conversations and/or nipples

Dungarees are pulled aside to expose a nipple with a temporary piercing on it. Photo.

I’m not ready to write about the shit show of the last week, but two days of looking at a blank screen have shown me that I’m not quite ready to jump back into my regularly scheduled straight-up-filth either. So, as a happy and/or horny medium, I have a photo that captures feeling vulnerable – both in a sexy way, and in a less fun, ‘this shit is hard but worth it’ way.

Credit for this photo goes to my partner in erotic photography adventurers, Sparrow. This post is brought to you by my currently love of the ‘and/or’ term.

Vulnerability is really fucking hard, y’all.

The last week has held a number of vulnerable conversations. I’ve talked to a potential play partner about parameters for further pervy ideas we might explore in person one day. I apologised to a close friend and we discussed how we’re currently defining our friends-with-fucking relationship and whether we’ll kiss the next time we see each other. I slid into someone’s DMs to tell them that I’m into them and would like to arrange another date sometime soon.

And each time I felt sick with nerves, because vulnerability is hard. It’s worth it though – even if the conversations are hard and painful and make me want to cry, it feels good to be vulnerable with the people you love.

As a contrast to this, there has been the playful vulnerability of sending lewds to folks I’m fucking and/or might one day fuck. Specifically, this photo, which feels simple and sexy and focusses folks’ attention on my nipple. My poor, vulnerable nipple, which numerous sadists have described in detail how they would like to torture it. Teasing, tweaking, threatening to hurt them even more… mmmff. I really want someone to hurt my tits right now.

Exposing myself to the folks I’m into so they can do mean things to my body? Now that’s a much hotter form of vulnerability.

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  1. This is a fab image – very sexy in a subtle way – which I like alot
    May x

  2. Love the image, the way the attention indeed is drawn to your nipple.

    As for vulnerability, it seems that when it comes from inside, it makes us grow. When it’s forced upon us, it can send you to a place you don’t want to be. I don’t mind the first, but the latter makes me doubt myself, and the feeling always lingers for months. People just don’t know…

    Rebel xox

  3. This is a ridiculously HOT image.

    I totally hear you on the vulnerability front though. It is HARD especially if you are not sure if someone is interested or not


  4. I love how your breasts is just on show enough to peek out and show a bit of delightful nipple torture

  5. I have never seen a nipple ring like this one. That is fantastic and very sexual. Nice erotic photo, Sparrow.

    1. p.s. I think sometimes when you imagine you are vulnerable, you really or not. But there’s only one way to find out. I have always thought you are a strong woman, and yes, a vulnerable one. The nipple is a different type of vulnerable. Are xo

  6. This is really sexy without being explicit which I really like. I get what you are saying about vulnerability too. It is hard and I think I would be scared to have to put myself up to things now. Your nipple ring is really interesting and I like the way it sort of matches the feeling of your dungarees 😊

  7. I really love this picture, it is very sexy! And vulnerability is hard indeed, but without being vulnerable sometimes, we wouldn’t be able to open up beautiful potential possibilities.

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